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"Urban" Milley Cyrus: Can the Weak Exploit Others?

Every race of men wants to feel as if they control the women of their race. Due to Black men not having this type of control hasn't it bred a lot of resentment towards White men? Men who many Black men claim control Black women.

Just the other day I listened to a video where a black man claimed all non-Black men hate on Black men---Let's explore an ENERGY that explains why..................

I'm seeing more and more white girls twerkin and wearing the ENERGY of Hip Hop culture. I wonder how many Black people programmed to think integrating makes them more valid and accepted find no problem with this phenomenon.

I'm sure many don't have a problem with seeing this occur, but they fail to ask themselves what type of integration is occurring? Is mainstream Hip Hop a negative, objectifying ENERGY? or an ENERGY that reflects negative stereotypes others would not want to wear? Are White women being used as objects in the Hip Hop culture, just like many Black women have been used in that way?

More and more rappers are putting White girls in their lyrics, while sending an ENERGY  that this represents POWER.

The thing is they are being paid to do this, most of them have money. However, how many everyday Black men are struggling? Black men should know all too well how it feels when a group of men feel they have no control over what influences the women of their race.

Back in the day, even the idea of a Black man having his eyes set on a White women got Black men in trouble. Today integration and interracial relationships is being pushed by the "Power Control Force" to create a more racially ambiguous people.

But how do everyday White men process this?

They react by creating a stronger resistance towards Black men. A subconscious need to deflate the ego of Black men shows through when they have the ability to determine if a Black man will be hired, fired or allowed to advance in the world.

This is no longer a mostly Black and White country, Black men can easily be erased by other races of men. In the eyes of many, Black men are no longer needed. Long gone are the days where Black men could insinuate they have 'bigger dicks', insinuate they're more 'powerful', insinuate they're better sex partners than White men and still be hired as labor workers or through affirmative action because they were needed in labor jobs.

This is the Era of Crushing the Egos of Black Men. Supporting a culture that promotes egotism while being in the state of weakness is dangerous.

Even outside the culture through emotionalism, many Black men support the ENERGY of claiming they can and will replace Black women with White women and other non-Black women. This "God Complex" ENERGY can only backfire, it breeds a resentful "HOW DARE YOU" ENERGY by the men of these races.

Is the purpose of my writing this article to protect the image of White women when Black women aren't protected? No! Though I don't believe any women should be treated like an object, I have to point out how an ENERGY can cause unforeseen reactions. I write this article because I like to think deeper than the surface and reveal what different ENERGIES can manifest. Things that many people can't see on the surface.

Conclusive statement:
No group of men should believe they can exploit the women of another group. And it must be understood that when these men have NO POWER they can be made to pay for their exploitation by those who do have power.

Black men must remind themselves that they've never been able to protect Black women due to not having any power. Due to this helplessness many feel resentment when Black women are exploited at the hands of White men, they just don't have the power to affect White men in any way. If they did have this power they would use it to control their environments.

When you can't get or keep a job, when you are passed over and not allowed to move up, when you feel any form of resistance, remember a culture has been created which fuels these reactions. Black men send out strong competitive ENERGIES through egotism in this culture. Unfortunately they're not in a position to withstand a backlash from men of power who go into competitive mode when they feel threatened.

It's time for Black people to investigate all ways they can be inadvertently destroyed and made to be the enemy. I will pinpoint more ENERGIES that lead to this in the future.

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