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Symbolism Rears Its Head In Death

 Above is Tonquinisha "NeNe" McKinley. Tonquinisha was killed during a shoot-out at a unauthorized pre-prom gathering. Despite warnings from school officials that urged students not to go to unsupervised gathers, these warnings fell on deaf ears. Officials believe it's harder to control these types of gathers due to social media communications and there's no telling who will show up once a party is announced.

My purpose of doing this article is to point out TWO things:

What is NeNe Wearing?

Could it be Halloween?

Well let's look at the picture on her Eulogy
No, it was NOT a Halloween picture

So what do we have here?

We have both teenagers and adults who have internalized the demonic symbolism that is repetitively used in mainstream culture today.

The symbolism is so deeply embedded, notice how the shirt completely contradictions the angel wings. Her family ignorantly chose to present this photo at poor NeNe's funeral.

Here's Puppet Rihanna making skulls(Death) seem sexy
Jay-Z the king of skull symbolism
Symbolism from Kanye West Video "Mercy"
Kanye West's gift to Jay-Z
Scenes from Puppet Lil Wayne's video "My Homie Still" right before the "2012 Aurora Colorado Movie Theater Shooting" Notice no two skeletons are not sitting SIDE BY SIDE, which symbolizes the RANDOM DEATHS during the massacre that occurred.

Become Disgusted by the culture, don't support shows, award shows, endorsements, or anything affiliated with those who use Dark ENERGY in their music and art. 95% of  mainstream culture is feeding you negative subliminal messages and images.

How long can you go without supporting mainstream music and videos? Can you resist watching award shows? Can you become strong enough by not allowing mainstream celebrities to harness your ENERGY while affecting your subconscious mind? Sit down and think of some of the things you wear, say or do, can those things be trailed back to the media?

I can't assess NeNe's life in it's entirety but I can assume she was affected by the culture in many ways and felt the need to keep up with her peers. Peers who when gathered together will display all the negative conditioning they've been exposed to via the culture.

Both NeNe, her family and friends were successfully conditioned to accept the death symbolism being pushed in mainstream music.

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