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Females Do You Click On Obvious Trash?

You should always be challenging yourself to see how high you can elavate yourself above the masses. The masses are being led like eyes that follow the pendant a hypnotist uses during hypnosis. Now I know humans have curious spirits but it's important to gauge how much trash attracts you an why.

Some might be saying using the term "trash" seems like something based on opinion. Well I don't like to offer opinions so let me give you some examples of articles that would be considered trash so you can secretly ask yourself why you gravitate to certain things.

Do you click on articles like:
"Twerk Fails"
"Video Vixens Then and Now"
"Sex Tapes We Need"
"Strippers Turned Stars" etc....
(I don't click on these types of articles but their presence on female based websites tells me there is an ENERGY signal being put out that indicates those who post them believe you would)

It's a shame that many websites geared towards Black and minority women are beginning to push more propaganda articles that subconsciously give homage to a "whorish ENERGY". It's a shame because the image of Black women is so horrendous it would take many proactive Black women to change this situation.

Once again these types of articles are being pushed on sites geared towards women.

Imagine if women had the strength to resist these types of articles.

Men learn how to treat the women in their environment based on what she accepts and what seems to attract her attention. The days of men making sexual jokes and calling a woman a "Bitch" or "Hoe" only when he's around his friends is over. Women have sent the ENERGY that they want to engage in this type of dialogue in the open.

The result is no matter how attractive or nicely dressed a woman is, she seems less feminine, more like a tease and sexual object in this era. Women will wear the ENERGY of what they seem to embrace, so if video whores and strippers have the attention of masses of women they will wear their ENERGY. I urge women not to click on these articles nor comment on them and watch them disappear over time. There are many negative ENERGIES and layers that must be addressed but it's a step in the right direction towards being more respectable and sending the ENERGY that women want to be respected by men.  I think at this point many men feel comfortable doing and saying anything in front of a female.

Just Food for thought, your empowerment and spiritual elevation is in your hands. Challenge those around you to create a better social environment and NEVER get discouraged because most of the people around you seem to accept what you're resisting. Every one has a different time of awakening. Be motivated and merge with those who have the desire to lift the vibration of humanity.

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