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Beyonce Inauguration Moment: The Era Of Media Manipulation and Celebrity Controversy

Here is what the photographer of the above picture states:
"Anybody who looked important I took a picture of at inauguration," King tweeted this morning, along with today's New York Post cover ("Pols fawn over Beyoncé , Jay-Z at inaugural"), which catches him in action. "I didn't know who the guy beside @Beyonce was."
"It's ironic to end up on the front page of the paper," he said. "I took about 40 shots yesterday — ten of the Clintons, ten of the Obamas, ten of the Chief Justice — and the one that makes it is BeyoncĂ©."
Let's absorb ENERGY for a moment. One of two things is going on with the above picture and caption:
  1. A staff member of the NY Post is being sarcastic and purposely trying to cause friction with the Obamas by feeding the perception that Beyonce and Jay Z are overexposed and clamming for the title of "power couple" in the media. There are many people disgusted by Obama's affiliation with Beyonce and Jay Z. What better way to cause friction with the public and the Obamas than to send the perception that the Obamas almost became overshadowed by their affiliation with Beyonce and Jay Z on their day.
  2. Beyonce and Jay Z's industry cronies is trying to force feed the public with a perception they would like people to accept. A perception that says "they're a respected "power couple" and should be addressed as such. They would like to be considered the Obama's of the industry. They channel power and pry it from the Universe even when it is not willingly granted.

Celebrities are like a stock in the stock market. Having the power to generate attention behind your name raises a celebrities stock in this demented era. It seems society ignores the lessons of the Universe and the ENERGY of Kim K and Reality Shows will have to be duplicated over and over again until they realize celebrities welcome controversy and it pays off in the end. Of course it effects the spirit of the manipulator but that can be kept hidden from the eyes of the public unless you are perceptive enough to see behind the manipulation.

One must always view the media with skepticism. Humanity has entangled themselves in a web were deception and forced perceptions fuels a celebrities career. We live in an era where it's believed that "any publicity is good publicity". This is not true only for the celebrity but those who help create these false statements and perceptions. What they create will get views and will be talked about and that leads many to walk into a state of hypnosis. Oftentimes this translates into them to supporting things that bring monetarily gain consciously or inadvertently.

Even the lip syncing controversy surrounding Beyonce is suspicious.

Beyonce is accused of lip syncing the National Anthem at the inauguration. How and why was that revealed? How many will watch her performance at the Super Bowl during half-time because they are hypnotized by the controversy surrounding her? Will the viewership of this break past Super Bowl half-time records? That would up her stock whether people view it with disdain or whether they are a fan.

Of course there are those like myself who can't easily be manipulated. I observe from a distance and resist. Most walk into the vortex of manipulation just like all the other sheep's of society.

Again you cannot view the media in this era under the belief that controversy simply sneaks up on celebrities. Though there are those who try to use controversy to destroy a celebrity, the public is drunk with controversy and controversy often benefits the celebrity in some way down the line.

Now the Spiritual Truth

At a later time I will go into why the Universe does not support a celebrity worshiping society. Worshiping celebrities does great damage and doesn't benefit the celebrity or those who are doing the worshiping. When 99% of celebrities take the mic at award shows (which I don't watch any longer) and say "I would like to thank God for my success", it must be clear that God is not behind their fame. As I stated the Universe does not support celebrity worship. Most of the time it stunts spiritual growth and pressures celebrities to maintain a mode of worship and idolization.

The desire to have the perception of not just growing and succeeding but being above all others usually comes back to haunt a celebrity because that ENERGY alone is engulfed in darkness. It does not represent the desired way of the Universe.

As a result many celebrities who try their hardest to obtain the most power and favor are eventually torn down by the public. This is because they're in a very visible position and make it known through their ENERGY that they are trying to rise up above all others and want to be saluted for their success in doing so.

I just watched an episode of the show Unsung revealing the life of Gerald Levert. His family and friends made it known that the pressure to stay afloat as a well known respected artist and desire to win a Grammy played a major part in his death. He was not satisfied with being respected and beloved by many he was trying to obtain what is not only rare for most but not sustainable once obtained.

The Universe only supports humility and humbleness. He was blessed with so much but felt so little.

Let's go deeper....

How many people attempt to tear down Warren Buffet? How much resistance does he receive from the public? Virtually none and he is one of the richest men in the world. The wisest rich people keep a sense of being humble and anonymity. Celebrities naturally fall out of the cloth of protection the Universe grants to those who obtain success but don't strive for "idol" worship or a sense of dominance in the hearts of others.

So to clear up the confusion in the minds of many, people don't consciously or subconsciously hate Jay Z and Beyonce because they have money. People resist them because they strive for a dominate place in people's hearts and minds. They want everyone to feel as if they are dominate and powerful, they want to be worshiped and respected with that status in mind. The Universe created a reality where many spirits will resist this and feel attacked and challenged. When a person's success is not obtained through helping others to grow but through receiving they are always in a position of being torn down and their self realized power and sense of dominance is despised. Every talented singer can be replaced with another, being humble and helping others grow is the only exchange that satiety's the spirit.

Because of this celebrities walk a thin, tight rope. Many celebrities find joy in simply sharing their talent for the joy of others. Then there are celebrities that want to channel the ENERGY they receive from others to rise above others and make that known and felt.

When a person is in a position of not adding to the betterment of a person's life and they gain ego in that position people will deflate them like a pin popping a balloon. Power conscious celebrities must face the backlash of this unsupported position. They then realize how fragile their existence and position truly is. Many live a life of trying to stay afloat on a sinking ship. This affects the mind and spirit because it halts from growing. 

As a person who admires successful people, I will dedicate more articles to the true reasons why many celebrities are attacked and how they are out of alignment with the Universe.

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