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Torrei Hart Kevin Hart: A Household That Couldn't Sustain Two Comedians

I can only assume many people are curious about Kevin Harts former marriage and ex-wife based on the amount of traffic I get inquiring about it. I never took the time to investigate the details of his former marriage or the reason behind their decision to divorce and move on.

Recently I came across two videos that seem to give insight into what could be considered challenging for any relationship.

Torrei Hart, Kevin Harts ex-wife decided to try her hand at being a stand-up comedian after years of standing by her husbands rise to fame. In fact when she decided to break-out as a comedian he was gaining recognition for his work and becoming a household name.

One can only imagine the amount of strain that can place on a relationship. Two comedians striving for success using their relationship woes and family affairs as comedy material. No one knows all the factors that led up to their divorce and quite frankly it's no one's business, but the following two videos demonstrate the friction that seemed to occur when Torrei Hart decided to pursue stand-up comedy. It's evident by the body language and lack of enthusiasm on Kevin Hart's part that he simply wanted a partner that could support his career and not become a shadow to his dreams who contradicted the family accounts and stories he used in his own stand-up comedy acts.
The Body Language---Notice the Body Language between the couple during this photo-shoot. 


The following is an interview with Kevin Hart and his former wife Torrei Hart. It's clear his wife felt the need to become a comedian not just because it's something she always thought about pursuing. Instead she claims she wanted to give her side of the situation based on Kevin Hart's material that revolved around his family life and her demeanor.
Major Fail!
Whether she consciously intended to do so or not, her ENERGY undermines and competes with her husband and probably became the breaking point to whatever other issues they might've had in their relationship.

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