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When A Defensive African Attacks: Denial Will Destroy You!

Corporate Puppet Rick Ross in Africa, Notice How the Africans Have the ENERGY of Hip Hop because it's Familiar---One even throws up the Devil Sign

I want to address a back and forth I've been having with an African that is clearly in denial. I pointed out in my article "Lil Wayne vs Himself in South Africa" that Hip Hop is taking over the minds of young people in not just South Africa but many parts of Africa. In fact I've done a couple of articles addressing this reality.

Now I know a few Africans personally and even have a wonderful African viewer of this site who PERSONALLY emailed me and told me how her country of Sierre Leon is not just into Hip Hop but influeced by American culture period. She stated she can barely stand going home at this point due to the people of her country turning into mental "Zombie robots".

All the ENERGIES that have taken over our country and communities are being directed towards Africa as they attempt to control the country with the same type of programming and distractions that has made Americans manageable.

Urbanization, cell phones, cash, materialism, sex, drugs, Hip Hop, Pop are sucking the life out of African culture more surely than slowly.

How do you think that's happening, at such a rapid pace?


A country like Johannesburg  is OWNED by corporations NOT THE COMMUNITY. It was built up and modernized through BIG CORPORATIONS, so now it can be guided like a ship and directed in a way that not only brings money but creates minds of MUSH like a Zombie, like Americans. Minds that are less political and more focused on the distractions and materialism they are programmed to embrace.

In the article about rapper Yung Nucho, I think the ENERGY I'm revealing is clear. Rappers like Lil Wayne  have influenced the minds of many Africans. The African attacking me thinks focusing on tedious details such as 'Young Nucho is not from South Africa originally' will help the fate that his country will face.

That's like me correcting someone and saying Kanye West is not originally from Chicago because he was born in Georgia. I'm sure it's clear to most, Kanye West claims Chicago and refers to that area as his roots.

Dr. Umar Johnson stated that when he went to Johannesburg he witnessed women relaxing their hair in huts. Would he lie? I'm sure he was referring to areas outside of the main city and "huts" can be replaced with the description of "shack-like" houses but regardless the implications remain the same. Does that take away from the fact that the women of Africa cannot even hold on to their authentic beauty and pride?

Wouldn't it be wise to realize that if African women aren't comfortable being themselves in Africa, there's a problem? They're not surrounded by a White majority like Black Americans but they STILL can't seem to hold on to their own identity. Many will relax their hair, weave it and bleach their skin to fit a standard..

Are you starting to realize the POWER of Big Corporations and the their influence through the media they control? Big corporations and the media have a mission of spreading a type of poison that will make ALL people able to be handled in a certain way. They need to create like mindsets amongst humanity in order to  achieve ONE central power that can control and influence everyone.

The commenter who sees fit to come against me, opposed to what poses and imminent danger, represents how simplistic the human mind can be and how this type of manipulation is possible.

Weak minds and spirits try to deny anything that's not pleasing, even when the tentacles of poison are lodged deep into their minds and culture, ready to destroy.

Those who view my site know I refuse to operate by this denial when it comes to Black Americans, our culture and the mindsets that keep us at a low vibration. So it must be CLEAR I refuse to do so when I address Africans or anyone else.

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