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When Dark ENERGY Backfires: 50 Cent Snubbed

 I'm sure he's a pleasure to work with, because he's so bright and alert

It may not be seen or absolutely clear to some people but Dark ENERGY often backfires on those who are engulfed by it and use it to get ahead.

Let's take this culture for example, particularly Hip Hop culture of this era. Most of the messages program people to believe that being "High" all the time is OK and a way to cope with life. In fact it programs it's listeners to think drugs allow them to experience life in a way that mirrors those they admire.

I like to observe budding careers and those who have passed the requirements Dark ENERGY looks for when it comes to an artist they are willing to push. Newcomer Chief Keef seems to exhibit all the characteristics necessary that makes the Industry want to sign him. He comes from a broken home, he grew up in poverty, he's lived a life based on criminal mentalities and seems willing to do anything for money.

He will carry forth Black Degeneracy and encourage millions of other Black male and female listeners that being a Black Degenerate who seems to have no morals, self-control, dignity or class is OK and makes them more "Real" than a person who is opposite.

Here's how Dark ENERGY Backfires on those who use it........

Chief Keef is only 17 some say 16........... the point is, he's been influenced by rappers who have pushed the same message he's been signed to push. Recently he failed to show up for a video shoot to promote his new song "Hate Being Sober". 50 Cent and Wiz Khalif were to star in the video.

Here's what 50 Cent had to say:

Anybody see the irony in this? Chief Keef didn't show up for the video shoot to his song "Hate Being Sober" Now we all know 50 Cent is what some may consider a veteran in the industry, look at what else he had to say about the incident:
So again, this demonstrates 50 Cent knows what can happen if an artist has no work ethic.

Now let's get back to my point.........

Rappers before Chief Keef, like 50 Cent and others filled their music with messages that said it's OK to
  • Do what you want
  • Have no respect for others (shit on others)
  • Stay High all the time
  • If they have a certain image your due respect 
  • Don't trust another Brother

What do you think that will result in? Is it possible that they have conditioned a whole generation to:
  • Be inactive when their high (because their chillin) being high makes you dismissive
  • Be about themselves and not respect others or those who came before them
  • Feel like their owed attention, its rightfully theirs. 
It's important to point out that Chief Keef made it known early on that his mother was a big fan of 50 Cent. In fact one time he cracked one of her 50 Cent CD's and he was scared to tell her because he knew she would be mad. Despite that being the case he's so damaged as a young 17 year old he didn't become "starry eyed" and grateful that 50 Cent was willing to jump on one of his songs due to being his label mate. In fact it has more of an ENERGY of "Fuck you, you parasite trying to come up off of me".

Let's explore a little deeper, when Chief Keef first came on the scene he started getting attention because Kanye West decided to make a remix to his song "I Don't Like", here's what Chief Keef had to say about that:
He disrespected another so called veteran and wants to claim his own success. He's not appreciative of the acknowledgement, he doesn't give a damn because he doesn't trust other Black men at the end of the day.

He also called Lil Wayne a homo, which could be considered disrespectful too. Then went on to say he's going to do a song with him.................Who does that? lol

I'll tell you who does that! A generation that's been programmed to be insane and think with no rational thought does that. They want to receive what they don't work for, they have foggy, confused brains due to being high all the time and they don't give a fu*ck because they always have drugs to fall back on. Drugs allow them to escape anything.

So while the Industry makes money off of Degenerate Black artist and it seems they benefit from signing artists who help genocide a race by promoting negative mentalities, there's a catch. The catch is, they will  have to deal with the chaos they create. They will have to deal with the characteristics of the young artist they program and then sign. Characteristics that come from the Degenerate Black artist before them.

Now don't just sit back and feel good about this "boomerang" effect the Industry will have to deal with, make sure you don't support any shows or endorsements that feature mainstream rap artist. I don't care how old you are, you can make a dent and have a voice that comes against the negative mutation of young minds coming up.

It's important for you to keep this in mind because ask yourself, do you really have choice? Even though the Industry has to deal with these youths, so will you, in a more personal way. The Industry will just keep reaching in the bag to find the next puppet, but you will live in an environment were you're tortured by these individuals. They will sit around all day high and drunk and then rob you for immediate money. 

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