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Toya Carter Makes New York Times Bestseller List

Another demonstration of the types of books black women allow to make the New York Times Bestseller List

There's a sobering reality I face daily. I realize that if I had a daughter I wouldn't allow her to play with or be around the daughters of many other Black women. I just couldn't resist her becoming confused and dumb-down in a spiritual way for the sake of being an accepting person.

An accepting person is allowing someone else to live their life at a distance, but not taking in their ENERGY in a direct way.

So here we have Toya Carter Wright.........yes, you read that correctly she chooses to keep the surname of her ex-husband though she's married to another man. Is it hard to imagine why? In fact let me pinpoint the fact that on the cover of her book "Priceless Inspirations" she chose to omit the surname of her current husband and go with Antonia Toya Carter.

Now here's were things get a little sticky because I don't want to just send off the ENERGY of disgust when it comes to Toya, a woman who had an unfortunate childhood growing up..

Toya was born to a mother who was strung out on drugs, because of this she was passed around from family member to family member. She was neglected by her mother and this sense of neglect took a toll on her self-esteem. She eventually met Lil Wayne, had a baby at 15-years old and they later married.**

When she met Lil Wayne he was not a successful rapper. Once he became successful she was able to become successful too. She opened a boutique, starred on a reality show and now she has become a New York Times Bestselling author.

So here's a couple of questions:
  • Is she truly an inspiration and success story? She blindly hit the jackpot with the same odds as someone who plays and wins the lottery.
  • Did she uplift her own life? Toya did not pick herself up off the floor she was propelled into success by creating a child with a rapper who's adored by the Industry because he's exploitable like one of the African Chiefs who sold Black people into slavery. 

What standards and illusions are you willing to fill your daughters head with?

As I stated in the opening comment 'I think at this point, Black women could win a spot in the Guinness book of world records as a group of women who put the most low standard autobiographical stories on the Best Seller list. From Karrine Steffans, Carmen Jones to Toya, it seems Black women are gravitating to what attracts them based on their own lives. They feel a sense of closeness to those who seem to reflect them.

Quite frankly I find it hard relating to the ENERGY of many Black women in this era. As a very wise woman, I understand the importance of seeking out those who overcame their obstacles without the convenience of being like a lottery winner and people who were able to avoid certain pitfalls due to discipline. Those are the ENERGIES I want to absorb and the type of ENERGY I would want my daughter to absorb. After-all what would be the odds of my daughter winning the Lottery like Toya did?

Though I attack the ENERGY of this book, my summary of Toya is that she was a lost girl who was easily controlled. She then got pregnant at 15 and "cashed in" by using the blood money of Lil Wayne. That makes her appear successful to many, but is it true success? Did she simply gain the appearance of success? Could she have done so otherwise?

If I had a daughter these are the mix messages and ENERGIES I would not be willing to send her, we would case the bookshelf and look for a better example.

Above I placed stars next to the paragraph that mentions Toya's pregnancy and marriage to Lil Wayne:
**There is a woman named Angela who claims that the marriage between Lil Wayne and Toya occurred once he began to be successful in order to take away the negative light that would surround his mother. Lil Wayne has made it clear many times that his mother asked him to have a child at 15 years old because she wanted a grandchild.

Though there are many crackpots out there, after listening to one of her first videos, there seems to be truth to what she is saying. I emphasize one of her first videos because I think the frustration and pain of not being with Lil Wayne eventually took a toll on Angela. 

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