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Should a Black Man Play James Bond?

A Question that is Food For Thought:

I have to say unlike most, I'm not sure I'm excited about the possibility of Idris Elba playing James Bond. I like Idris Elba and I think he's an excellent actor but I think portraying this role comes across as a joke to many and has the ENERGY of a Black man once again trying to obtain what a White man has created.

Of course he would be the perfect actor if they decide to go ahead with this because he has an English accent. He surely would be better than Diddy who's ego thinks he could ever stand a chance, but why do Black men always have to come up behind white men? Especially when it comes to a series that seems to be coming to an end. Would this breath new life into the long running James Bond series? Will most Black men be able to deal with the fact that the movie might not be successful?

How do you feel when you read the above?

Doesn't it remind you of how powerless we are as a race when we don't have power even amongst ourselves? This is an era we can gain more power by creating orignial characters and movies without having to wait for others to open the door for us.

Though I like Tyler Perry, aside from Madea, I wish Idris Elba was picked to play Alex Cross. A character that's truly a Black man and was originally created that way. Of course James Patterson is white, but he genuinely had a Black man in mind when he created the Alex Cross series.

So far unless I find or feel an underlining ENERGY that makes me feel differently I wish Idris Elba the best if he does portray this role.

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