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Nicki Minaj Misses Album Release Party

She looks completely possessed in this picture

Nicki Minaj missed her album release party because boyfriend Safaree's entire entourage of 30 was not allowed into the event. Though she was on her way, did he instruct her not to come to the event or was it an excuse for her not attend?
I rarely post frivolous gossip unless I can uncover a deeper meaning, but I want to take a moment and come against the notion that Nicki Minaj is an empowered, independent woman in complete control of her life. That's an illusion she manages to create thorough her lyrics and the trickery of visuals that's able to hide the truth of her manufactured career and existence in the industry. Only awakened eyes can see this truth.

It's absolutely clear that her boyfriend Safaree has control over Nicki Minaj and is a very threatening ENERGY within her life. It seems he rarely lets her out of his sight and she's never affilated with any other man. He's one of the reasons I know she is NOT Bi-sexual and can allude to being Bi-sexual because it isn't a threat to Safaree, he knows it's a fluke. He would not be OK with any man or woman taking away the hold he has over Nicki Minaj.

He has the ENERGY of being someone that would put her head through the wall if she got out of line, or dared to leave him. I'm sure he has a lot of dirt and secrets that aid in keeping her in line.

Why did she miss the event, exactly? Who knows, but due to the ENERGY of their relationship it wouldn't be surprising if she decided to miss the party in order to keep the peace and make Safaree happy.

It seems, if he's not happy she's expected to be unhappy. Sacrificing and allowing him to have a feeling of control might be the only thing that makes him feel at ease and keep him from becoming angry. 

Remember most mainstream celebrities are empowered by Dark ENERGY which gives them such a force they're able to possessed people. But the more you realize they're humans who are far from perfect, the closer you will come to being able to disconnect from them and really analyze what they feed you. They are usually feeding you illusions, that neither work in their life nor will it work in yours.

I will be addressing Nicki Minaj more this month in an effort to encourage people to disconnect from her and not support her latest album. She has been empowered through negative Dark ENERGY and you must take a stand and put a stop to those ENERGIES that transform the people around you in a negative way.

Stay tuned for my article were I address a song off her new album "I Endorse Strippers".


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