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Almost Cute But........

I want to say this was cute, I remember coming up with rhymes when I was younger but it stops short of being cute for three reasons:
  1. You can see how the ENERGY of Hip Hop today makes her automatically overly aggressive
  2. She calls the girl in the video a hoe from her subconscious mind, (remember the word hoe has replaced the word girl in this era)
  3. She says she's about to fail the test but she's still fine, so as I've said many times before when pointing out the fact that the culture empowers weakness, she's found a way to feel powerful through the forceful ENERGY of the culture to ignore her true state.
Even still I want to say this is innocent, hopefully these ENERGIES don't manifest into something worst.
You can't really expect young girls coming up to be feisty but remain feminine. And they will sop up all the negative terminology their male peers do, even the ENERGY replacing the world girl with hoe.

Brace yourself, I will be coming into my own and channeling my strength to reveal these ENERGIES in a visual way. In the meantime start breathing ENERGY into my site and put out signals to the Universe you want to create a forceful ENERGY that gets noticed that will take away the power of those ENERGIES that have humanity possessed and fueled with a false sense of power.

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