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African Rapper Convicted of Murder: The Influence Black American Culture Has on Africa

Sometimes I think many people have the ENERGY of Linda Blair's character in the Exorcist when the truth is brought to their attention. In the movie every time the Reverend, Father Dyer tried to extract the demon from Blair's character Regan the demon would go crazy and resist.

Let's ignore the religious aspect of that for a moment and absorb the ENERGY of the scenario. The ENERGY within the scenario reminds me of the resistance I experienced when I wrote an article "African American Culture Does Somalia Good". In the article I explained how Black American culture is having a negative effect on Somalians and many other Africans. I posted a video of Somalians dressed in their native religious attire dancing in a provocative Black American/Caribbean fashion.

Many readers found offense to this article and made claims that Black American culture has not influenced Africans. It's one of the rare times I decided not to go full throttle in my position because I felt it's something that is felt but hard to admit. These people were simply in a defensive, resistance mode like Linda Blair's character in the Exorcist.

I feel it's impossible to truly feel the ENERGY of me rolling out of the bed one day and deciding to create the angle that Black Americans have influenced Africans out my butt. But as I said in the video, sometimes a group of people have to be brought really low before they get up and face the truth. The truth has to become more than undeniable it has to effect the person resisting the truth.

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