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A Song I Listened to 50 Times in One Day!

True Power, A Real Dominate Man

Anyone who knows me or even follows my websites can tell I love the ENERGY of Lupe Fiasco. He represents the type of Brother that's quickly becoming extinct. A Brother who has a sense of dominance due to his revolutionary ENERGY and ability to see that falling into negativity is the real trap. A trap that only hurts the person that falls into it and the community.

Black men with Lupe's ENERGY have been replaced by Black men who have a sense of false power and use arrogance to hide their flaws. All the while they sell their communities and self down the river. They're ENERGY is like a drug to other men who have the same mentalities. Just like drugs it gives a temporary sense of power but has devastating after-effects. Most Brothers in the street want someone who can make them feel empowered and OK with the bad choices they are making. That's why the sense of hidden shame due to negativity has been blanketed with blatant arrogance

Lupe can't sell out and won't budge, even as he sees the success of others seem to overshadow his. He stays true despite the pressure from an Industry that treats him like a stepchild because he won't conform. An industry that seems to simply tolerate him oppose to stand behind him and push his music and career. Only the awakened ones constantly seek him out. Others forget about him and his ENERGY and stay immersed in music that represents the chains of there oppressed lives. Chains that continue to hold them down even if they try to escape by altering their minds. When they wake-up the chains are still there and heavier than ever.

Here's ONE of my favorite songs off Lupe's new CD: Food and Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt1

The video only has a little over 33,000 views. If you go to a Chief Keef video (another rapper out of Chicago who promotes violence and escaping through drugs and the facade of arrogance), his videos gets millions of hits.

I can feel Lupe, if you don't want to spread an ENERGY that can become a counter ENERGY to what has this race enslaved by negative mentality, the Universe says "screw you" and continues to replicate what you are and what you support..........CRAP!

Not only will I support the album, but I will also talk about it, spread it and contribute to an ENERGY that can possibly make low standard, negative rappers feel more subconscious about their actions. They only feel power in negativity because we allow it. We have allowed those with low standards and negative mentalities to have the appearance of power and that contributes to possessing more souls.

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