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Two Songs About Alcohol: One Has a CLEAR Message

Kendrick Lama's rap song Swimming Pools (Drank) is receiving heavy rotation. On Youtube his video alone has over 6 million views since the beginning of August 2012. Heavy Rotation equals constant programming. I want to compare the ENERGY of Kendrick Lama's song with Gil Scott Heron's song "The Bottle".

Both songs are about drinking alcohol but they both convey different ENERGIES. One takes the power away from alcoholism and one contributes to the notion that being an alcoholic in this era is normal.

Just last week aspiring rapper Ervin McKinness, aka: Jew'elz and Inkyy died after BRAGGING about drinking and driving, claiming he was living "YOLO" a term rapper Drake promotes "You Only Live Once". Though he was not the one drinking at the time of the crash that killed all of the other 3 occupants of the car, it's clear he is INFECTED with a mentality.

Is there a message being sent in Hip Hop that if you don't drink you are missing out on life?

Listen to my Podcast--Click more as I reveal the ENERGY differences of both songs.

Video Podcast
For the lyrics to the songs featured:
Kendrick Lamar--Swimming Pool (Drank)
Gil Scott Heron--The Bottle

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