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The Truth About Being Raised in Chaos

Does having good parents prevent someone from going in the wrong direction?

If people took the time to be honest they would acknowledge the many times they didn't listen to their parents and went against their home training.  Fortunately many who have done this simply did not suffer severe consquences because of it. This did not have to be the case.

Just like someone who drives drunk but manages to get home safe, while others who drive drunk sometimes create fatal results. Being raised in a challenging area causes many to fall into the temptations surrounding them. Some suffer lasting repercussions some don't. It's not something those who go astray can predict.

Click Here to hear the story of a Brother who was raised in a loving family but got deeply involved in the streets and had to pull himself out. His story mirrors the story of many others who get caught up in the streets and a lifestyle that is promoted to them as being a way to "live large".

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