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Teyana Taylor: A Woman Harden By the Culture

Can you Deal with her ENERGY manifesting in your environment?
Gone are the days of coming across the occasional "Tom Boy", we are now in an era where the culture breeds harsher, less feminine women.
I posted a video below that shows how rough Teyana Taylor is due to the culture. In fact she wears the ENERGY of a lot of Black women and young girls in this era.

So I have a question for those reading this, What changes would Black women have to make in order to keep up with the culture, be apart of the culture and not be offended by the culture.?

Wouldn't they're personalities have to become rougher? Wouldn't they have to leave femininity behind and transform into the ENERGY of Black men in order to be able to deal with and enjoy the culture that's thrown at them.


Well, could a Black women in this era be turned off by strippers and video hoes and be part of the culture? Or, would they have to break down like Teyana Taylor and not only accept it but convince themselves they enjoy it?

It's just like women feeling as if they have no control over the word "Bit*ch" and trying to transform the word into a sense of power. After-all the word is used continuously when describing women in music, so the only way to deal with this without feeling offended would be to claim the word.

Many women have desensitized themselves to strippers and try to find power in accepting them because they feel they can't control them being thrown in their faces. In the past, before strippers became an accessory that supposedly makes Black men seem like masculine "ballers", strippers were viewed by some men and keep on a "hush" level.

Now that strippers are a focal point in the culture women are faced with accepting this or not supporting it. Because relating to the culture gives a false sense of power and a feeling inclusive with one's peers, most break and accept it.


Black women and the young girls coming up will wear the ENERGY of the culture. If the culture is hard and women are treated harshly and dismissively, they will harden in order to deal with it.

Let's watch Teyana Taylor try hard to fit in and represent the ENERGIES of the culture as best as she can.
Make sure to note how she was thrown a bone by rapper Big Sean for breaking to the culture and liking strippers. Like a woman who claims to like threesomes with another woman but is dismissed later for a better quality woman.
So do the Universe a Favor and Stop Asking and Wondering Why Black Women wear the ENERGY they wear in this era................Your Spirit knows the answer!

Stay Tuned I will probably do a video podcast on this topic.

Be prepared to support me when I create skits demonstrating this ENERGY. You should always support those who are willing to do more than you to free the race from it's bondage's.

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