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So the Word Bi*tch is a Bad Thing?

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Humanity seems determined to dance with the Devil, when you choose to do so there is never clarity. Dark ENERGY (the Devil) changes his faces at will and leaves a chaotic aftermath.

More and more woman are breaking down and accepting the word Bi*tch just as Black men accepted the word Nig*ga to the point where it replaced what they truly are, which is a man. We are accepting these words to the point where we have no control because they are embedded in the culture and accepted by those possessed by it.

Now look at the following video and Listen to what happens when you back negative ENERGY against the wall. Listen to what happens when you demand an explanation for a behavior that is unexplainable when the mind is fully aware and conscious.

When the mind seems as though it's not being conscious Dark ENERGY (the Devil) can get by with any rationalization. When the mind is fully aware and conscious the task of fooling someone becomes harder. Those within Dark ENERGY know there's a risk of the true negative ENERGY behind a rationality being exposed, so the only way  to disguise this is by coming up with an explanation that seems the most reasonable at the moment, when in the 'hot seat'. But it is NOT an explanation that is demonstrated by their actions.

Even though I can guarantee most of ya'll don't care because you live life like an extra in a movie. When you begin to become aware and conscious of how things work you can become a stronger person and resist things that are imposed on you that effect your environment and the state of humanity.

It is ABSOLUTELY clear without a doubt that the word Bit*ch (and hoes) has replaced the word girl and woman in this culture. Now watch Dark ENERGY (the Devil) dance, try to disguise this, throw anything out there and hold it's breath to see if its accepted.

The back peddling in this video reveals he knows he's wrong and simply doing what is accepted and what he can get away with. How strong are you to force men like this to change or go underground for the sake of your environments?

Now you have two options:
  • You can stop supporting the word by being vocal against it like Lupe and by ceasing support to those who use it, no matter how much you like the beat of a song

  • You can continue to watch how the word metaphysically changes your environment by hardening the woman around you and taking away the sense of femininity they should have which allows you to feel like a man. Young girls will grow up ready to battle because they are being raised in harshness where fire-words are being thrown at them. They will harden and in the process enjoy creating names for you too.


The word will never attract a good ENERGY to the woman around you, in fact it will make them OK with wearing the ENERGY and characteristics of the word and internalizing it as normal. Rise above your primal instincts and be a leader and creator of your environments.

Ask yourself how low can someone bring you, how much abuse and disrespect can you take before you completely become simply a breathing object to use. Something that can be easily dismissed because you don't respect yourself?

The more you allow yourself to be called a Bi*tch the more you will subconsciously find it normal to emulate its characteristics. In turn, it makes you someone to deal with instead of embrace. So in essence low standard men will condition you to accept the word and the hardness that becomes you when you embrace the word will make you a repellent to better quality men.

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