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Kevin Hart: Learn to Gauge a Man By What He Attracts Into His Lifestyle!

It's important to observe a man's interest and what attracts his attention to determine if there is a spiritual match. The things that attract a man's attention and becomes his interest speaks volumes about the quality of your potential relationship.

One of my most popular search word terms is "Kevin Hart's Girlfriend", but the hidden truth is, the only power Kevin Hart's girlfriend can feel at this point is the power given to her by low conscious women who find her position envious for superficial reasons. She has joined the club with Ludicrous girlfriend, Snoop Doggs Lions, wife and all the other men in the spotlight who openly demonstrate a lack of respect for their partners and daughters.  Men who exploit weak women but want to protect their daughters and the women they care about..........................Ahh, boring right? Well let's see what the Universe has to say!

As I try to find a direction for my site through soul searching and asking the Universe for guidance I've come to realize one of my main desires is to strengthen people's consciousness and help them desire spiritual strength even when it separates them from what's being considered normal.  Being conscious allows your  vibration to rise and acts as an armor that allows your soul to be open but protected.

I'm on a path of self-discovery and I have realized each individual comes to this dimension and has a path they walk. Along that path they must learn their own lessons. They must stumble, fumble and experience growing pains. All one can do is put wisdom and consciousness into the atmosphere for the taking.

Now a low conscious woman, whether she's nice or not would look at someone like Kevin Hart on the surface and see what appears to be success, fame and a man living a luxurious life. They would imagine being his girlfriend and reaping the benefits of this life. They would not contemplate the spiritual frustration they would feel being involved with a man who has a lack of control and discipline over himself. A man who enters into Dark areas for stimulation and picks up addictions that lock him into these low vibrational areas.

The more fame Kevin Hart obtains the more he spirals downward. Not everyone rises up spiritually with fame. In fact, most people become weaken spiritually when they obtain fame. They become weakened because they've entered a domain they are not prepared for. A domain where dark temptations lurk in it's mist.

Most celebrities have a desire for fame and fortune but they don't have a spiritual purpose. So they can be used by the Darkness that begins to engulf their lives. They can be used to lead others astray.

When you don't have a strong purpose only a desire to succeed in order to gain materialistic gratifications and ego, all the pitfalls that come with this vague type of success will pull you in many different ways.

Addictions have overtaken Kevin Hart and a conscious mind can see this a mile away.

Like many celebrities, it's clear that Kevin Hart has a substance abuse problem and has coupled that with a fondness towards strippers and women who hand their bodies over to be used by others to make money. It's an addiction that is hard for many lower vibration men to resist. There money which is viewed as power is used to make these lost women jump and act in ways that symbolizes having control over them.

Kevin Hart's addiction to hard drugs, hard liquor or both helps to distort the reality of what is truly occurring.. When you pick up these types of substance abuse crutches that Dark ENERGY disquises as fun, whatever activity you link it to puts you in bondage.

It's similar to someone who smokes a lot of weed and enjoys listening to music while high. When they attempt to listen to music with a clear head the experience will seem duller than when they are under the influence. Many artist cannot record music without being high.

People make these links in a sexual way too. Drugs and alcohol intensifies their experience but places the person in bondage to the point where they don't know how to cope without it. Many men experience erectile dysfunction when they try to have sex under normal circumstances. This is why many of them feel compelled to keep pushing boundaries to recreate a sense of intensity and adrenaline rush they experience while high.
When you are with a person like this you watch both your life and theirs deteriorate right before your eyes.
A man with a LACK of Self-Control will always put this SECOND

Avoid men who seem to lack Self-Control

Many women will endure many battle scars thinking they can cope with the addictions of another. But for conscious minds it's easy to avoid many pitfalls by being conscious.

Not long ago while taking a trip, I met a cool Brother on the train and he stated he was going to have some Jack Daniels when he got to his destination so that he could go to sleep.That statement became a red flag in my mind. Once you feel you need alcohol in order to go to sleep and use it to do so it puts you in bondage. It becomes hard for you to sleep without drinking first.

The sadness begins when the body and mind does not feel the intensity of substance abuse any longer only the dependency of it.

My first thought was 'I wonder how many times he turns to alcohol to cope with something'. Jack Daniels is a hard liquor and it seemed he was seeking to escape and knock himself out in a way. Of course that scenario is the opposite of being conscious and able to deal with life. Again it's a clear red flag, and though I was curious about this Brother I decided it's OK to fall back from him. The worst thing would be to grow some sort of attachment to him even when it comes to friendship.

Be careful when it comes to men who seem consumed by:
  • Substance Abuse
  • Pornography
  • Strip Clubs
  • Negative Friends
Or any other activities that does not offer a beneficial growing experience. But instead, attract the Universe's need to teach them painful lessons so tha tthey will grow. After-all you are along for the ride.

I will be addressing this further in future posts.

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