Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Example of an Opening: Lil Wayne Sues Quincy Jones III!

Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones III for copyright infringement and creating a documentary in his words he labeled a "scandalous portrayal" of his life. He agreed to allow Quincy Jones III and his team to create the documentary but became upset when he was not allowed to see the final product which was shown at the Sundance Film Festival. The documentary showed him violating his parole and he believes that lead to his eventual incarceration.

You can read the details here, I don't want to go into them, that's not my purpose of addressing this. Let's focus on the ENERGY of Lil Wayne while he's in the mode of reaction. When someone is in the mode of reaction you can determine their weaknesses.

The only way to affect an individual is to make them self-conscious about their image. Now this mainly works on two types of people:
  • Those with a low self-esteem, or
  • Those who are negative and look around and say "is anybody going to say anything, am I accepted" when it seems like they are accepted at their low vibration they continue on. 

Entertainers who have the ENERGY of Lil Wayne have been officially accepted into the culture and have a stronghold that's hard to come against. Because of their stronghold, the only way to release that hold would be to come against their ENERGY with a series of opposite attacking ENERGIES that dismantle their sense of power and bring shame.

The problem is, an attacking ENERGY has to be created that reaches out and has a presence that's noticed by many. It has to have the strength of the ENERGY it seeks to attack through visibility.

The only way to attack the ENERGY of those like Lil Wayne in order to wake up spirits possessed by that ENERGY would be to create a visual depiction of him that reveals his ENERGY in a mocking, revealing way that takes the POWER away from it.

Powerlessness seeks strength, so when you bring something to a level of powerlessness it then seeks strength. This is why it's hard for those possessed by the culture to absorb, logic, education, life building skills and knowledge. When someone feels power in an action they stand strong in that action, they stand behind that action. When they don't feel power in an action they will hide that action or try to separate from it.

Over the years we continuously gave power to negativity, so negativity seems strong.

Now I understand most of ya'll aren't active soldiers. The Universe understands this too. Only certain people will be given that spirit. So let me end this by saying, you're only requirement is to help take away power from negativity in a spiritual way. No physical action is required. You don't have to write articles like I do, you don't have to protest in the streets, you don't have to lecture or preach to people.

But above all when spiritual warriors like myself stand up and make a determination to attack the ENERGIES that have the tribe in bondage, make sure you clear the path and spiritually allow them to do so.

I hope to be like Quincy Jones III in the near future, there are many skits I would like to create revolving around those who have the ENERGY of Lil Wayne and hopefully the community will allow them to develop an ENERGY that is makes them a strong force to be reckoned with and spread them amongst the tribe.

I can assure you Quincy Jones III took a lighter approach than I seek to take and quite frankly Lil Wayne's music is not needed.

Stay Tuned

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