Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Can the Internet Distract This Race for the Better?

If you stick with my site you will realize there's a tone to my articles. I have a mission to inspire the desire to activate spiritual strength. It's the only thing that will set this race free from the bondage's of negative mentalities this culture has placed in the minds of those around us.

You would be surprised to know, or maybe not, that I don't watch T.V., yes it's possible to live without T.V. especially in this day and age where you can watch T.V., documentaries and movies online. You can be selective and seek things that coincide with your spirit. In essence you don't have to support the negativity of the culture. The more you support the negativity of the culture the more it will manifest. The more it manifests the more it will grow in your environment. The more it grows in your environment the less you will be able to escape.

Don't you feel drowned by negativity yet? You can always switch on that "I don't care" switch, but the more things will continue to disinigrate around you. When this happens and you are forced to wake up you will have to build with the cinder and ashes left behind. The longer you wait the harder the task of building becomes.

Here's another Universe secret, the more you feel drowned by negativity the more hopeless you will feel? On a scale of 1 to 10 ask yourself how helpless more progressive, positive Black women and men feel? They seem to hide in the shadows looking for ways to escape and rationalize growing chaos.

The Universe does not respect this!

You have to make your voice count through NO SUPPORT and if you're really fiery like me being vocal about why you have taken away your support is best to swat away the negative fog that is closing in. This shakes up the sense of calm and power negative ENERGY has and helps release it's stronghold.

Now I'm not suggesting everyone can be as strong and determined as me, but you can start by seeking out media online that is just as entertaining as the media that sucks you into the mainstream.

Here are some outlets that can be great distractions:

I love this channel and it features many different internet shows "The Couple" being my favorite. Make sure to support their Kickstart campaign that will help take them to the next level. Click Here

Recently I realized there are many short movies online from producers looking to break into the business and are often ignored. To me it's ideal for them not to enter the mainstream and go through the Dark ENERGY gatekeeper but find support online:

Hopefully this Trend will Grow

Cocoa Love

The Time

The Nice Girl

Watch Documentaries online

I will try to use this website to share great movies, both short and long plus great online T.V. shows. If you know any shows worth mentioning please email me:

I will dedicate a page of links to this shortly!

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