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What Happens When a Black Man Addresses his Brothers?

 Are Black men more receptive and open to listening to his fellow man drop knowledge in an honest way?

Often times we are contributors to our social problems whether consciously or inadvertently. Unfortunately the spirit can be so weak and distracted that though we know this deep down, we continue until we are forced in some way to acknowledge what we are doing.

I want to keep pushing a video I think is beyond enlightening. A video that resonates with the many things that I say often when reflecting on some of the actions of Black man in this era, but seems more appropriate coming from another man because it takes away the ENERGY of a man feeling bashed by a woman.

Of course the video didn't sit well with some Black men and they made that known. The video demonstates a man who thinks like a true leader. A man who knows that as a man he's in control of himself at all times. He makes it clear that in order to be a strong man it's definition should not be dictated by the actions of a woman.

Click Here to view the video on Black Energy News

Click Here to View the Video in Full Screen
Click Here to View the Video in Full Screen

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