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Nina Simon Movie Reveals an ENERGY about Black Women

Quick Question for "GROUP THINKERS" who repeat the NONSENSE others say without checking it's validity and ENERGY----Is Zoe Saldana a big box office draw or has she simply been in big box office movies?-----------Don't believe the Hype!

Though Zoe Saldana looks Black, she's a subpar actress and there are other Black actresses more suited to play Nina Simone. So let's explore the real reason why they can force this mockery down the throats of this race. Hopefully they will RE-CONSIDER or not make the movie at all. But here's a clue, Instead of just COMPLAINING make it clear you will NOT support the movie and maybe the lead character will change.
I love to see biopics movies about former singers and entertainers. Of course there's nothing like the show Unsung and though I don't have T.V. I think I've caught every episode online. But the Nina Simone movie that's scheduled to be made seems like pure comedy when you think about the fact that Zoe Saldana is being caste to play this very deep, passionate Black woman.

I wonder if Viola Davis or even Meagan Good would be considered for a role that depicts a Dominican woman?, Yes folks it's OK to laugh at the comedy of that. In fact even Zoe Saldana who's Dominican would be appalled if this was attempted.

So once again, this is a moment when Black women are suppose to just SHUT UP!, eat it and take this type of insulting gesture. Imagine a  Hispanic woman or Light skin Black woman playing Marilyn Monroe. The producers and directors would not even attempt it.

But let me play Devils Advocate and say there's a reason you can beat up on Black women and it's the fault of Black women themselves., there is no one else to blame for these types of actions.

It's because most of you couldn't keep your fat, low self esteem asses at home and not support the movie. It reminds me of Black women claiming that many Black men like White women because they seem more submissive and can be walked all over.

The Universe laughs at this, Black women can be walked all over too. Just because you have a BIG MOUTH while you are letting a man walk all over you doesn't mean he's not walking all over you. Many White women and non-Black women just SEEM more gullible because many Black men are fast talkers and many are ebonically inclined, so they can talk circles around these women. On the other hand Black women were born and raised around Black men and can call out their fast talking and bullsh*t because they are the same. So other women SEEM more naive and softer.

Just observe the opposite to see that this is true. Observe a White woman who was raised around Black people and you will notice she can keep up with a Black man's fast talking and way of saying things more so than a White woman who was not raised around Black people.

So the same ENERGY is felt when I observe this situation. Black women will Bi*tch and complain but still go support the movie. Black women are like the Occupy Wall Street Protestors outside a big corporation like Bank of America complaining about bank fees but have accounts with the Bank. And they do this while chomping on McDonalds for lunch breaks and dialing their friends on their AT&T phone in between protesting big corporations.

People can get use to and take your initial complaining if you BREAK spiritually and produce the end results they desire.

It's like many of your boyfriends or husbands who stay out all night come home and have to hear your mouth, but they do it again the next day. They are use to your big mouth, Who Cares!?

It's as if many Black women suffer from delayed trauma and the act of being used as a mule during slavery days soaked into our genetics.

I will end this by saying usually I don't have a problem with the antics Hollywood uses because Black people did not create Hollywood others did. We have been conditioned that others are suppose to take care of this race and include us in what they created at equal proportion. The Universe does not think in that way. If you don't want to tend to your own garden because it's TOO HARD and you like someone else's garden better, you are metaphysically reserved to receiving scraps. The Universe does not support any race having to tend to themselves and carry another equally. And that goes for ALL aspects of life, until we figure that out we will always be the whiners and complainers who are frustrated with the small portions others give us.

Why does the Universe SUPPORT Black people having less? Well it's because it loves us, if another race was compelled to carry this race, we would NEVER GROW and stand on our own two feet. The Universe is waiting for that to SNAP into the minds of Black people. "God Bless the Child that has it's own", right religious people?

Now despite this being true, because Hollywood is making an attempt to create this movie, they should do it with respect to Black people, those the star character represents. No one asked them to take on this task. So in essence they are in OUR GARDEN.

Here are 3 actresses (in no particular order) I think would be better suited for the role:

Lisa Gay Hamiltion------The Role would put her even further on the map like she deserves, she's an excellent actress:

Viola Davis------Here's proof that winning a Golden Globe means nothing when you're in someone else's GARDEN, you've only been handed a tomato from the garden and now it's time for you to go on your own way.

Rutina Wesley:------She's a newcomer, but because of Zoe Saldana's subpar acting abilities there is no way I could be convinced Wesley would do worst. It would give her a chance to play a role with meaning and not just a "SPOOK" character like on True Blood
Click Here to read Nina Simone's daughter Lisa Celeste Stroud express why she does not stand by this movie. Hopefully the Simone state cannot be paid off, as those creating the Jimi Hendrix biopic movie hope will be the case once they complete the movie.

So What's your Move Black Women, ask yourself WHY DO I EVEN SPEAK----Are my WORDS WORTHLESS?

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