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Lupe Doesn't Mine Exposing the ENERGY of Hip Hop

No one is allowed to laugh at Lupe's hair, his great ENERGY overshadows his hair and he could be half bald for all I care

Lupe Fiasco speaks at the "State of Hip Hop" 2012 summit in Detroit MI.

This is going to sound so retarded and weird because I am no longer a teenager and I rarely, rarely go crazy over a man in the spotlight beyond simply liking their talent. But I just love Lupe Fiasco's ENERGY when he speaks it's like waves of consciousness are hitting me. And unlike most demented sisters in this era who gravitate to men with an ENERGY that seems to reflect the worthlessness of the crap in the mainstream, I understand a truly POWERFUL man is one who has clarity of mind and a heighten consciousness. He is 6'7 in my eyes not Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is two feet tall and shrinking.

So while many females think a man who wears the ENERGY of this soulless, "dog eat dog", mindlessly materialistic world seem more masculine, as a spiritual person, I don't feel the same. I reflect those who don't feel the same, those who don't have a strong voice in a Society driven by Darkness. If those like me dominated the voices that are heard,  people would have higher consciousnesses which would equate to better environments.

I want people to start breathing in the ENERGY of their environments and make a connection between what they consciously or inadvertently allow to CONSTANTLY program those around them and the state of their environments.

I long for the day people realize people like Lupe can entertain the community and bring it to a higher consciousness at the same time.

Click Here to Listen to his Eye opening, honest, enlightening speech.

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Also Click Here to Watch Lupe, a Real Man Shed tears due to the state of his community in Chicago

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