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How Many Companies Like Nivea Would Create a Better Rihanna?

I've always felt that it is risky to use celebrities to endorse everyday products. But to be honest this has been proven not to be the case, the opposite seems true. The public seems to welcome celebrities being more of a commercial brand more and more. This was not the case in times past. It was a big deal when Michael Jackson endorsed Pepsi, after that, many artist have linked themselves to a soda brand.

Dreadfully so, it's expanded to celebrities endorsing anything for a price, even razors like Jennifer Lopez, who did a Venus Gillette commercial for the razor company. So in other words they have replaced nameless, actors and models who are suppose to represent the public, for celebrities who would not use the products that they sell. As if Rihanna by passes 50 dollar cremes for Nivea, Jennifer Lopez uses what would be considered cheap razors compared to expensive ones or Beyonce dismisses professional hair color applications for L'Oreal's boxed hair color, something that is considered a big "no, no" by professional stylist.

The Universe tells me it simply shows how possessed people are by those in the spotlight. People thrive off of illusion and jump at the opportunity to have a similarity with those they are possessed by, yes, even when they know it's illusionary. How many are tired of illusions?

In any case, Nivea used Rihanna last year to promote their products for their 100th anniversary but new boss Stefan Heidenreich claims that shouldn't have happened. I guess he kept his mouth closed until he was the new boss in town. He was already CEO of Nivea's parenting company Beirsdorf so I'm sure he got word that this was happening.

So my question is, how many companies would it take for Rihanna to feel subconscious being in a position of influence and think about her actions?. Of course it would be more ideal if she started losing many fans, that would surely wake her up. This only caught her attention.
I feel this is another example of how negative ENERGY does not have to win. All it takes is people who are willing to come against it.When they do, it will disperse and not be a thick cloud hovering over the masses, instead it will find little crevices to hide in.

I do not use Nivea but if I did and knew Rihanna endorsed it, I would not have use it. Give companies a reason to carefully think about who they allow to endorse their product. In this era where there's cheap digital music and low CD sales, an artist can be effected more if standards where set.

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