Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

Black Women Support Spiritual Beat Downs!

Energy Reflection: Why do Black women keep supporting their spiritual beat downs. Is it something this community can afford to do? Black women keep supporting a culture that craps all over them and wonder why they are compared to sh*t. They keep supporting ENERGIES that condition people to believe you can treat Black women in anyway. More positive, quality Black women have NO VOICE because they don't demand to be listened to. Instead they support the chaos of negative Black women that overshadow them. They become possessed by their drama without realizing it gives it the power to manifest into their lives.
Hoes, Hookers and Strippers STAY WINNING?.........Sure it's an Illusion but low conscious people go by perception ALONE.

I'm going to say it over and over again until I spiritually have the ENERGY to manifest it....., "Stay Tune for my book "HUMANS CAN'T COMPLAIN"..............Just SHUT UP already! this getting ridiculous.

First let me address the Confused and Weak

Now my question to most people, in this case women....... why complain? Why are women complaining about strippers, hoes and home wrecking hookers getting more attention than better quality women if THAT'S WHAT YOU SUPPORT?

Do you think a magic genie is going to come and reverse things, do you think your Jesus will come and release you from this? I can tell you now the answer is No, nothing will reverse these things aside from spiritual strength.

It reminds me of the Breaking down phase more positive, balanced Black men have gone through. Which has ending with negative Black men seeming to rise to glory. This has left more positive, balanced Black men with the perception of being weaker. They have to deal with this constantly and are pushed aside until a woman becomes used and abused and discarded enough that they will settle for that soft pillow, more positive Black men represent.

Like Black women, Black men were passive to this occurrence and took part in supporting negative Black men due to being intrigued and addicted to the drama and entertainment they provided. Together with the fact they were trained like all Black people to embrace all those that look like this race. We were conditioned to think that makes us stronger.

But here's a little message from the Universe:

This is why higher conscious people constantly stress aiming for more balance and positivity, they realize that Negative ENERGY will always exist. But when you give focus to it by support, even in an inadvertent way it will grow and overshadow Positive ENERGY.

Here's another little secret from the Universe: YOU CREATE YOUR REALITY and the media. You create your reality and media through what you allow and support. I realize this is a hard concept to penetrate into the minds of a race that's been conditioned to believe they are controlled by others. In fact it's something those who understand this and try to hold Black people back need Black people to think and believe. Only those Black people who wake up and realize they cannot be controlled and all obstacles can be conquered, succeed spiritually and physically in this low vibration dimension.

In this dimension there MUST be a struggle between Positive and Negative ENERGIES. You MUST have the spiritual strength to prevent you from allowing the latter to take over your environments.

For Those Who Are Stronger

Now, Let me focus on my REAL MISSION................I want to talk to those who are spiritually strong, aim to be that way, or those who feel weakened by the chaos that is going on around them.

First, I want to say you have the right to separate yourself from weakness and look down on it. You have the right to showcase your strength in a way that makes the weak feel subconscious and pathetic in their actions. If you did so, weaker people would go into a HOLE and not reveal themselves. In that HOLE they can then work on themselves and rise up stronger if they choose.

Don't many of you feel Dumb by allowing negative ENERGIES to mock you and make you seem alien? How many of you are so repulsed by men who "seem" to admire hookers and strippers over women like you? Not many, that's why the Universe will keep allowing your heart, mind and spirit to get an ass kicking. You will experience the same resentment and dismissive ENERGY Black men have felt due to their weakness of allowing negative Black men to outshine them.

You will live in crap, raise your children in crap and there will be assumptions that you are crap too. You will constantly be tested to see if you can be used and treated like crap.

I have to speak the TRUTH of the situation without trying to cuddle you. I, as well as the Universe is disappointed in your weakness. You have the power to destroy spiritually and you don't use it. Negativity uses it's power every chance it gets that's why you're flooded by it. How about you, what the hell do you do? Close your eyes and just hope the swirl of negativity that's like a tornado around you misses you?

Wake Up!, It will get you eventually, like a mother who raises her child well and he's gunned down a week before starting college or a girl who gets caught out their around those who are intoxicated, possessed by the music and has a "train" ran on her.

The negative ENERGY being thrown your way is a form of possession, you can't fight possession? Do you understand your POWER of being able to wake up those who are possessed by forcing them to find reality because you won't embrace them as they are?

They would feel embarrassed, they would feel shame. When will Black people who call themselves having a consciousness begin to ask themselves HOW AND WHEN WAS SHAME REMOVED FROM THE COMMUNITY? There is NO SHAME in negative actions any longer.

You allowed Shame to be removed, you allowed yourself to be defeated. Stop supporting anything that gives power to negative ENERGY. You want to come up with 50 million excuses of why you SHOULDN'T have to do that and should be able to do ANYTHING you want.......................

Like I said stay tuned for my book: HUMANS CAN'T COMPLAIN...................You get what you support and accept, it's time to push negativity back into the Underworld and Wake Up those who are just caught in the negative swirl of things.

Feel power in not watching the shows that others watch, feel power in refraining from supporting the type of negativity that can't help but condition people to be normalized by it. Weak people become harden, soulless, emotionless, confused beings and eventually destroy themselves.

Remember: You Cannot Control the Weak But your POWER can WAKE UP, those who don't want to be weak and you can Exert your power over Negativity. NEVER FEEL DEFEATED, if the Strong would Rise Up and be Strong it would make a GREAT DIFFERENCE. 

I won't go on for now, but absorb what I'm saying, what the Universe wants you to hear and while you're at it, try being about something for a change and pass on an article that's not just mindless, entertaining gossip.  

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