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Will Smith and Rev Run To Attend Youth Peace Event, Is this in Vain

Will Smith and Rev. Run seek to do something positive

Let me pose the question in the title again, is Will Smith and Rev. Run attending 'Charlie Mack Party for Peace Weekend' in vain?

My first answer is No, even if a handful of youths can be influenced and helped it makes a difference and I'm proud of them for taking the time to give back. Hopefully they aren't being paid to do so, the Universe likes that best. They have been given so much opportunity even though some has been provided by Dark ENERGY particularly with Will Smith, that giving back to the Universe and humanity is only fitting, it's like planting seeds.

But that brings me to the larger picture, when do we make the spiritual sacrifices needed that would save MANY souls within the community? Not just a few.

When do we realize that the perception that negativity brings power has to be attacked with GREAT FORCE?

But, that's boring, a pain in the ass, takes us away from our distracted lives and makes us irritated just thinking about it. We don't understand the power of simply having spiritual strength that requires no physical exertion.

So the Youth keeps tumbling downward because they are being faced with more and more negative behavior that seems to define their self-worth.
Yes folks the culture has morphed into an ENERGY that puts pressure on the youth spiritually. It's something that many don't acknowledge. To many people believe that some outside force can disrupt this type of tampering with the soul. But, there isn't, negative ENERGY would have to be attacked.

Think of negative ENERGY as a think condense fog that won't go away. Only the sun can eliminate fog. When you have a culture that sends the message that:
  • Aggression equals power to Black Men
  • Promiscuity sexual flamboyance makes a woman stand out 
  • Drugs and alcohol is beyond experimentation it's a way of life and normal
Those types of ENERGIES must be attacked and it only takes spiritual strength to do so. It only requires NO SUPPORT in an ABSOLUTE way to celebrities in mainstream culture who have the ENERGY of promoting these confusions.

Let these celebrities go underground. Now most might say "Well the youth can still have access to them". That is true but let me reveal the ENERGY behind forcing something underground.

When you force negative ENERGIES underground, it instantly cloths the actions associated with this negative ENERGY, with a sense of shame and lack of admiration. More hands would reach up and long to be accepted and respected.  That takes away the power of negativity when it peeks it's head above ground.

Instead we have done the opposite, we have allowed negativity to be openly celebrated, admired and we're passive to this, at the same time turn around and wonder why many youths are passive to the boring conversation of telling them negativity is wrong.

It's the same as more Positive Black men and woman who seem INSIGNIFICANT in the culture now, NEGATIVITY DOMINATES.

We're Losing Ground

For example,

Could you really tell a youth that gets tattoos like this anything?
Well he be an entrepreneur and self-sufficient, the odds are no, this won't be the case. You can clearly see the youth getting more and more tattoos.

You think it doesn't effect you or have a trickle effect, until one knocks you over the head and robs you because they backed themselves in the corner and no one stopped them.

Could you tell a Black girl this leads to destruction?
How do you take the illusional sense of being free and having fun from this? Through giving them a boring lecture that seems to go against what they see and what seems acceptable?

We play dangerous games. Back in the day Rock Stars were known to do drugs, though it wasn't seen as much visually. But The background and environment of many of  their fans provided a cushion. We never think of this, what happens when Black youths go astray, can they bounce back with ease? Or is it often their demise?

So in conclusion, I respect events like this, but I wish they were an addition to a wider attack on negative ENERGIES promoted to the youth.

This includes any:
  • show 
  • endorsement
  • product
  • appearance
  • Fashion Brands they wear and promote
Here is an Example using Rihanna to show the Reach Celebrities have:
And among young women, aged 18-to-24, she scores high in the endorsement, trendsetter and influence attributes, with 80 percent of this demographic liking her.

Rihanna is a big fan of the label and chose to wear BOY London leggings in her new video for You Da One, and posted an image of herself wearing the ‘BOY’ baseball cap, on Twitter last week.

Rihanna is causing an increase in sales for the company.  After her appearance on Saturday evening, there was a 45% increase in the brand’s online sales.
Should we keep playing the 'celebrities have no influence game'. It's apparent that companies realize this is not true, why don't you?

Here's a little tip that's less stressful than refraining from supporting some of your favorite products, celebrities star power is often gauged by how many viewers they attract when on the cover of magazines, concerts, how many CD's they sell and how many people they can draw to a movie or other performance.

Can you manage to come against that? Most I doubt it, but the strong relish being just that. For most it's a pain in the ass to think about and deal with so the Universe says carry on but don't complain. A possible title for an upcoming book of mine

Good job Will Smith and Rev. Run, the Charlie Mack Party for Peace Weekend includes:
  • A formal dinner honoring high achieving Philadelphia youth
  • Charlie Mack's Talented Teens Competition
  • Annual All White Affair,
  • Annual Fashion Show
  • Comedy show
  • Healthy Hoops and Asthma Clinic
  • A visit to Philadelphia's youth detention center


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