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Will the Death of Rihanna's Grandmother Make Her More Subconscious About Her Actions?

Why is she doing this out in the open? I don't care if Rihanna smoked weed out of her ass hole, but when you are in the spotlight your actions are observed by the impressionable.

For now, lets go back to the title question, "Will the Death of Rihanna's Grandmother make her more subconscious about her actions?

So far no good, it seems that after hearing the news, she did what she always does and tried to drowned out her sorrows by becoming extremely intoxicated. On the same day as her grandmothers death she performed in Sweden at the annual Peace and Love festival.

Concert-goers where outraged by her performance which took place after she was 45 minutes late. They claim she was noticeably intoxicated and was not singing live.

"Really don't feel like watching Rihanna under the influence gig. Who the f*** allowed her on stage in this state? #pal12,
"Rihanna is blatantly under the influence of drugs and is allowed to perform in front of children and young people. It is disgusting and shameful. #pal12."

If this was the first time she's done this, it could be written off as a result of the circumstances surrounding the death of her grandmother. But it's not the first time. Rihanna has a history of giving bad performances or trying to find a way out of them in order to spend a night with her drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes death can humble you and make you re-evaluate your life. Above all those who are slightly spiritual and understand bodies die spirits don't, sometimes feel the reality of those who passed on looking down on them. Not only are they looking down on their love ones they now have a heightened consciousness due to being in an elevated dimension and understand why a person is behaving in the way they are.

I can only hope Rihanna believes this to be true and finds it harder and harder to destroy other weak, impressionable beings while she's destroying herself. I don't think I can think of another female entertainer of her magnitude who's destructive behavior threatens the well-being of young girls who look up to her. I think even Nicki Minaji has more composure than Rihanna, behavior wise.

Time will tell if Rihanna changes for the better and stops promoting a "I don't give a f*uck, I do what I want attitude" to the world.

I have to admit the forecast doesn't look too good. Rihanna like many other mainstream celebrities was picked to succeed above all others because of the type of family she comes from. A family that is not going to impose any type of moral standard on her or ask many questions about her choices. It's one of the biggest factors the industry looks for when deciding who to put money behind now that the ENERGY of darkness is so blatant.

Rihanna's family has always come across as being similar to her star struck fans. Whether she's getting knocked in the head and her father's downplaying the incident, or whether she's squeezing her mothers breast when her grandmother looks on, she seems like the dominate one in the family because of what she brings to the table.
Rihanna's Star-Struck Family----My grandmother would have said "Stop that", my mother would have looked at me like I lost my mind

In the picture above you can tell her grandmother had the ENERGY of trying to ignore her out of control nature because she subconsciously felt inferior to the illusion of what Rihanna became. Rihanna has dominance over her family because of her false status in life and the amount of money she makes.

I don't come from a family like that, it doesn't matter how much money I make I am expected to never forget my home training and sense of self-respect and would not be rewarded if I did, nor would that fact be ignored.

Source--Grandmothers Death

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