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Snoop Transforms into a Lion and Channels Reggae

This is a better look for Snoop Dogg Lion

Snoop Dog is now going by the name Snoop Lion. Is this temporary or permanent who knows. After a trip to Jamaica he decided to reinvent himself and embrace reggae.

I can only imagine how confusing it can be for a grown man to look back on his life and realize he never advanced past the age of 21. Snoop Dogg Lion, like so many male mainstream rappers is forced to be forever young in the most ridiculous way.

They must stay simple minded, relate to teenagers and keep up "street cred" with simple minded young males who have yet to gain wisdom life is suppose to bring.

What a Trap!

Imagine being a friend of Snoop Dogg and seeing Mac and Devin Go to  High School, what could you say?

How could you lie to this man and tell him a movie about being in High School for 15 years and being such an ass backwards reject he thinks he's cooler than a student who is smart is anything less than absurd? I wish I could write it off and liken him to actor Will Ferrell who often plays a grown man Jake ass in movies, but I can't. I can't because it's a condition many men in the community suffer from, it's concentrated, real and impacts the development of young men coming up. Being Dumb Down defines manhood in Black culture.

So, maybe Snoop Dogg Lion, saw past all the fake admiration of such a horrid movie and for once in his life seeks to have a image with more substance. It's hard to ignore what you feel, even when others lie to you.

There is so much more I can say about Snoop Dog and the ENERGY of his career, but for now I will simply say, it will be interesting to see the transformation of Snoop Lion and the ENERGY of his transformation..

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