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Should Heterosexual Men Support Frank Ocean?

There's something heterosexual men don't know and understand that homosexuals do know and understand. Just like Alpha and Beta men, there's no room for equality. One ENERGY will always dominate over the other.

The more homosexual ENERGY absorbed by the Universe the more diluted heterosexual ENERGY becomes and the masculinity of men diminishes. This is why many men of this era are constantly called gay and suspected of being gay, acting gay, looking gay, talking gay, or get this, have lips like a gay man. lol, lol

Yes, I experienced a group of women accuse a man of being gay because of his lips. Lips that he was born with. 

Clean cut Brothers are under attack, they are the first to be suspected of being homosexual

I will never forget my time on a certain forum that has a type of makeup in it's title and the Black women on the forum were discussing actor Henry Simmons who played on the show NYPD Blue. Many women on the forum felt he was gay and that was the reason they gave, because his lips look gay. I knew then I was in an environment with women who have been psychologically damaged by the propaganda and attack on humanity by the highlighting of homosexual ENERGY.

And though I don't know actor Henry Simmons personally, I don't think his ENERGY on NYPD Blue and other small roles indicates he's gay. I have a real problem with women attacking men and claiming  they're homosexual without any real knowledge that they are.

Of course I must acknowledge this is simply an unconscious mode many women have been put into, due to their heightened paranoia resulting from a society that is trying to normalize a way of being that is foreign and goes against nature and women. This is causing a separation between man and woman because to top it off women are being told they won't be able to tell if a man's gay, Frank Ocean was empowered to confirm that.

Do I hate homosexuals? No, I've met too many nice decent homosexuals to hate them. Do I think God hates them or they're going to burn in the pits of fire? No, but there is a reason why the Universe said 'turn away from it's ENERGY'. It's has nothing to do with religion and more to do with what we are seeing occur now.

Of course I would like to acknowledge homosexuals who do not stand by their exploitation and the agendas organizations that supposedly represent them put forth. I even had a lesbian viewer express her dismay in seeing the media constantly showing women kissing women and being sexual towards one another. Women who aren't necessarily gay.

The ENERGY of Homosexual exploitation is a toxin to the Universe and it will always try to purge it out of it's atmosphere. It weighs on the spirit of those who are heterosexual.

Don't be fooled by homosexuals who try to lead you to believe that if they are accepted everything will be fine, that is false. Heterosexual men will always suffer do to homosexual ENERGY, just like transgender ENERGY is growing and it's weighing on the sexuality of women.

I'm getting weak and sleepy channeling this ENERGY but I will write more about it later. But let me end this article with this quote:
The bankers want heterosexuals to suffer from the same gender confusion as homosexuals do, which makes it impossible to bond permanently with the opposite sex. As result, the vast majority of people will substitute promiscuity for love, marriage and family. Eventually the State will take over reproduction and indoctrination of the young.
Let me say one of the Keyword searches in my statistics today was "Sex with a Tranny"

Now more than ever people must become spiritually strong and not let confusion and chaos make you feel confused. I will link this article to the 9 Junior High School boys who were so confused about their identity due to ENERGIES like Frank Ocean that they engaged in a gay test while in class. They pulled out their penises and were watching gay porn in order to prove they would not get excited.

Many women liked Frank Ocean, some might have even visualized him being with them. Just like many men liked his talent and felt he was like them. Will his revealing differently make you paranoid, insecure and suspicious about the sexuality of other men around you?........................That's the plan and goal.

For Those Who Do a Certain Type of Research (only)

Unlike others I'm not impressed with Frank Ocean supposedly coming out of the closet and revealing he's gay. I say this for two reasons:
  1. Because I know he's full of sh*t----Watch is fame rise, watch how he is praised by this Dark Industry
  2. It's an attack on humanity, heterosexual Black men and confusing to young Black men developing their sexuality
The first statement I can't explain much to those who don't understand the rituals and sacrifices that take place in the dark world of entertainment. So I accept these people dismissing it. Frank Ocean simply offered a bigger sacrifice to Dark ENERGY than Dwayne Wade who claimed he like painting his toe nails.

For those who know what I'm talking about, I think that there are more forms of initiations now that help open the to a prosperous career. The Universe continuously reveals to me ENERGIES that are considered sacrifices to Dark ENERGY:
  • Making a human sacrifice
  • Going to jail
  • Claim homosexuality, bi-sexuality, hint at it or allow yourself to be considered homosexual without defending yourself.
  • Promote drug use, robbery and other activities that lead to creating slaves for the Prison Industrial Complex
Frank Ocean is just a Conversion tool:
"Conversion": Presenting images of gays that look like regular folks. "The image must be the icon of normality."
There is no surprise to me that Frank Ocean also did a song called "Pyramids", which was song about a sex kitten (Cheetah). I will discuss this more later.

Moving Along........ 

Lil Wayne and Birdman use the same technique and propaganda to satisfy and be accepted in the Dark Industry.

This is a staged photo, they knew it would get out to the public
Sexual Confusion brings hatred and separation between man and woman, and we can see this happening within the Black race. Homosexuality is exploited and used as a tool for Dark ENERGY.

People have to realize that Lil Wayne, Frank Ocean, Lil B can put out this type of propaganda because those within their circle in the industry understand and accept what they are doing. They accept it because they know why they are doing it. The public are the only ones who become confused and because the public can be controlled it doesn't pose an issue.

By the way, the public can be controlled because the media is o powerful. For instance despite the backlash of the above photo, Lil Wayne went on to become an international celebrity. The media puts all it's power behind the puppets they control and will push, them and push them until the public breaks and accepts what they are trying to program people into accepting.

In closing I will say, be strong Heterosexuals and never view something as normal just because you are being programed to do so. I may meet many homosexuals who are nice and don't have a problem with them, but it does not mean I would view their lifestyle or the way they have sex as normal. Again the goal of the "Power Control Force" is to create gender confusion. Gender confusion delays deep spiritual connections between the opposite sex. It's the same with women being indoctrinated with the idea of being with other women.  Her ENERGY could not fully connect with a man if she is distracted by her confusion of wanting both sexes.

Hopefully homosexuals will realize they are being exploited and heterosexual men will realize their masculinity and sexual identity is being attacked to cause confusion. STAY STRONG!

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