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Lil Wayne Proves the Aurora Colorado Victims were Sacrifices!

 How long Will you be blind and try to remain comfortable By ignoring the Blatancy of Darkness, just because it provides you distractions to do so?

I want to thank YouTuber KijaniAmariAK for creating this video. The Universe always has conscious people who are messengers to help humanity and those who want to escape the Darkness that is being imposed on them.

Right before the Colorado massacre Lil Wayne released a video 'My Homies Still', just like most videos in this era the video was very dark and had eerie so-called coincidences in it that reminds me of how they ushered in the sacrifice of Whitney Houston.

Prior to Whitney Houston's death there was a Pepsi Superbowl commercial shown that featured a Whitney Houston look-like. The video was very Dark and had the ENERGY of peasant and master, an ENERGY so common with the Power Control Force.

The Superbowl performance with Madonna was also part of the ritual. News reports state that Whitney Houston was at the Beverly Hilton Hotel Bar at the time dancing to Madonnas performance. It was reported she had no alcohol to drink at the time.

I won't go into more details right now, I will be doing a podcast this evening. As soon as I heard about the Aurora Colorado massacre I knew that it was not a random act. Just like the Norway killings and many other massacres this was a mind control victim triggered to commit these acts

It must be stated that MOST of these celebrities are used like Puppets by Dark ENERGY they can be told to do anything but their eagerness to succeed allows them to ignore the uneasiness they feel inside.

Take a look as KijaniAmariAK dissects the images in Lil Wayne's video My Homie Still

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Pepsi Superbowl commercial----Whitney Houston Look-alike seen :13 seconds into the video and notice the typical Masonic floors
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It's time folks to Accept the Fact that you are Not Getting the TRUTH on the 10'O'clock News

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