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Kanye West's Mercy Links the Club to Hell?

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I want to make it more of a habit looking at the Billboard Rap Charts. I like to see which songs are in the top 10 and which songs are getting the most airplay. Those are the songs that do the most subliminal programming and impact the minds of it's listeners on a conscious or subconscious level.

Now though I'm spiritually religious I can't deny that there are forces that seem to make a habit of coming against and mocking religion. It just confirms to me the existence of a spiritual world and battle of good and evil ENERGIES whether it's as the Bible states or not.

Thinking in this fast paced world is a pain in the ass to most. But I wonder how many people wondered why Kanye West refers to 'Weeping and Gnashing of the Teeth' multiple times in his song Mercy
It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth
It is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth
When it comes to my sound which is the champion sound
Believe! Believe!

Then its played again:

Well it is a weeping, and a moaning, and a gnashing of teeth
In the dancehall, and who no have teeth will run pon them gums
Caw when time it comes to my sound, which is the champion sound
The bugle has blown the many times, and it still have one more time left
Caw the amount of stripe weh deh pon our shoulder
In the Bible the phrase is mentioned several times:
I can be honest and say that I feel the ENERGY of clubs being pits of debauchery hell where the rawest human animal instincts are played out under the influence.

We are in an era that encourages satisfying temptations and deviant behaviors and labels it as free. Could anyone fight me on that? No, only when the spirit is possessed does a person ignore what's really occurring around them.

In any case, we live in a fast paced society where we've become desensitized to shocking behaviors. There's no longer any balance. The music produced is designed to take people to a really low vibrational level. On that level people act the most primitive.

People have such a low vibration in this day and age, any type of ritual incarnation could be placed in a song and most people would not know, nor care. It's clear to see that Kanye West is not in the mode of is "Crack Music" days but his lyrics have hit rock bottom. He even references to pill popping which is becoming ritualistic and systematic in rap music.

I'm sure big bankers and the pharmaceutical companies are happy, but will you be happy when you are forced to live around people who have to bare the mental and spiritual effects of pill-popping. Pills have the craziest side-effects and most combine them with other drugs and alcohol.

There's no need to go on, but Kanye West's song Mercy reminds me of the ENERGY of Rihanna's video "We Found Love", they add visuals and lyrics that seem ritualistic and penetrate the subconscious minds.

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