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Dwayne Wade Paints Toenails: The Line of Male and Female Continues to Blur

If a man assumes the traits of a woman, what would distinguish the sexes? How could a woman feel a man's dominance?

Well here you have it folks, I'm not going to beat a dead horse. I'm just a messenger.

It is up to you now, it's your job to become more conscious when witnessing these acts and realize there is an attempt to rob humanity of sexual identity. All I can say to people, particularly those of you who have kids is to protect them and explain to them how important it is to have clarity of mind.

When you don't have clarity of mind and can't define yourself, it's sounds free doesn't it? It has the ENERGY of just floating through life and doing whatever.

Dark ENERGY does not reveal the sense of confusion and chaos it brings and how it destroys the soul. Your spirit and soul has an identity it was not made to 'just exist'. People are governed by emotion and ENERGY. For example:

Dwayne Wade's feet instantly looks like a woman's feet when painted. Maybe an old woman because his feet are ugly and look rough but a woman's feet no doubt.

His feet look feminine, it doesn't matter what color he decided to paint his nails. So the spirit tries to find understanding and asks the question of "why". Again Dark ENERGY will tell you "shh, shh, you're thinking too much, just do it, it's freeing, wonderful and life with no boundaries is really living life" but that won't coincide with what you feel once you take to certain actions.

Many homosexuals talk about living in confusion because they feel forced to assume a heterosexual identity. What do you think will be felt when heterosexuals take on tendencies of the opposite sex? It will result in the same type of confusion.There are men who don't feel respected as men now, allow the ENERGY of these types of actions to sweep over humanity and watch the outcome.

In any case, I like what's happening, I like how what we see on the outside is rarely what is truly going on in reality.

What do I mean by that?

Well, you can clearly see Dark ENERGY tip toeing around trying to see how far it can push, confuse and break people into submission. It'll be interesting to see how far the boundaries are pushed before humanity wakes up and decides to attack back.

So I will say and repeat one statement, I've said many times before:

There is a campaign to attack and confuse humans, when it comes to sexual identity. They do not want people to claim or identify themselves by a sexual identity. It's important for them to confuse the minds of everyone, but they are concentrating on the next generation coming up, those who are the youngest and have nothing to use to reflect on the things thrown at them. Whenever you think something is ridiculous and feel anyone can clearly see that it is, remember there's a whole slew of young people who are just developing their perceptions. They will be normalized to the actions you find peculiar. This is how humanity can be shifted to a lower vibration.

You must always remember this!

The perfect gift for Dwayne Wade....Mantyhose

When the lines blur we will no longer see each other as our sexual identity. Look at this picture who would
 view this man as being masculine?

I won't go on I'm through for now!

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