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Beyonce Writes Letter to Blind Fan and Reveals Family Photo

Poor Timmy Kelly, he has cerebral palsy and is blind. Of course don't feel sorry for Timmy because of his condition, he doesn't feel sorry for himself and he's off to a good start in life. Feel sorry for Timmy because he can't see the Darkness that's around his idol.

He can't see the fake baby she carries around and the satanic Dark symbolism she uses to propel her career and convince young girls they rule the world with her feminist dripple. Rihanna is the whore propagandist and Beyonce is the feminist propagandist in the Dark entertainment Industry.

Will we see a change in Beyonce as the years go by? The longer a person's in Darkness the colder it gets, the more paranoid they get, the more they realize they've received the material wealth of being a conductor of Dark ENERGY but not the spiritual fulfillment. They face a battle, they are in bondage by the material gains but want to release their spirit and subconsciousness from bondage because their thoughts are kicking their ass. It's like a drug dealer trying to escape his deeds but still make money. It will be interesting to see how she progresses whether to a higher or lower vibration.

In any case, congraguations to Timmy who was just accepted to Temple University’s Boyer College of Music and Dance

Now Look at Beyonce and her Family in a picture taken on the Fourth of July. They all look like they got the Michael Jackson treatment.

Beyonce looks like a lifeless idiot

Did Black people really think weak, brainwashed people would observe Michael Jackson lighten his skin in a UNIFORM way and not try to figure out how he was able to do so in order to emulate it?

Judging by what I see when it comes to many celebrities, there seems to be a procedure that zaps the melanin cells and drains the skin of it's color but it's an ongoing process. It appears to be like a reversed tan, but instead of the skin eventually getting lighter as it does with a tan, with the procedure celebrities are getting to lighten their skin it eventually returns to it's natural color. Once that happens, the procedure must be done again to remove the color once more. I bet you there are many unstable, weak minded celebrities who find comfort in rationalizing their actions because they feel that makes them slightly different than Michael Jackson who continuously worked to keep his skin light.

Look at the first picture of Beyonce than the second. There's no flash of light from a camera bulb that would show her face, arms, legs, neck and chest to be significantly lighter than her natural shade.

Let's Explore This:

It's Quite Obvious that Michael Jackson did not use bleaching creams to go from this:
Or This:
To This:
Whatever procedure or combination of procedures he used enabled him to lighten his skin in a UNIFORM way.

Only an Idiot would think, that following this Ad:
Then doing this:
Would create UNIFORM skin lightening.

Even when the weak, retarded person applies lightening cream all over their body, it will only result in this:
Or This:
 The woman holding the picture was the woman in the picture after lightening her skin. Look at how her arms are darker than the rest of her body and they seem to have makeup on them.

And when you are brainwashed and crazy enough to continuously apply bleaching creams with a strong ingredient like hydroquinone like this woman, yes you will look like this:
This woman said to herself, 'I'm going to be a genius and get a uniform look, let me apply it in my ears too'. 

So I repeat, a person cannot apply creams to a large portion of the body or all over and get UNIFORM skin lightening. Skin bleaching or lightening creams are made for use on small areas of the body that are darker than the rest of the skin. 

For example, what do you think would happen to a person who has a forehead that is slightly darker than the rest of the skin on their face if they applied a skin bleaching cream all over their face? 

I'll tell you what would happen, at the least the skin on their face would lighten but the forehead would still be darker than the rest of the skin on their face.

So again, it is CLEAR that celebrities are doing an uncommon technique along the lines of cosmetic surgery, and other melanin zapping procedures.

In order to get this look:
 More complex measures have to be taken. 

It appears these celebrities receive a form of laser treatment that zaps the skin all at once. It's as if they lay in a MRA type of capsule naked and UNIFORMLY lighten themselves.
I will be investigating this more, I think I will start by looking at the possibilities mentioned in this comment.:............I will write about my findings later.
OK! I found out the doctor in California is Dr Steven Hoefflin. He is known for changing ethnic people to look caucasin. He is the one who perform plastic surgery and skin whitening on celebrities like Michael, Latoya, Janet Jackson, Lil Kim, Golden Brooks etc. There are also different ways of whitening the skin permanently through Phenol chemical peels with laser surgery and dermabrasion, or depigmentations shots.
The above commenter used the term permanently but does not understand that skin lightening is rarely permenant because the skin cells rejuvanate themselves. One of my skills is being a licensed cosmetologist, so I've had to learn the basics of being an Esthetician. Very few things are permanent when it comes to the skin or body, unless scalpel surgery is involved which means cutting, removing and reshaping; skin, bones and/or muscle. . 

So in closing I would like to ask once again, Did you really think insane weak Black people in the spotlight would ignore the fact that Michael Jackson was able to lighten himself UNIFORMLY?

See, we have allowed a breed of women to dominate the spot light who couldn't possibly teach Black women, particularly young Black girls how to love themselves. We look down on Black women when they morph into characters that could easily come from an unrealistic comic book. And yes, that's appropriate to an extent because weakness should always be revealed, but we must also attack the source and those who contribute to the ENERGY of confusion and self-hate.............attack through NO SUPPORT 

Until we demand celebrities who have a sense of self-respect and self-love through not SUPPORTING those who don't have these qualities, don't expect the Universe to manifest that ENERGY at large. Celebrities contribute to ENERGIES that can bring humanity and the spirit to a low level.  People are guided by the media.***


***Click Here to Watch a video that demonstrates Africans have been brainwashed to emulate Black American culture  People must realize that these Africans are not trying to look White they are trying to lightenen their skin to look brown skin like many American women. In Africa that's considered being light skin. Note the man 43 seconds in who is dark as night professing he prefers lighter skin women. Again he means a Brown skin woman.
To read the carbon copy, boring letter Beyonce wrote to wonderful Timmy Click here

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