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Movie Good Deeds: Looking for a Spiritual Not Subservient Partner

"I don't like the light on the left side of his body"---There are some who know what I mean

There are people who jump on the bandwagon and bash Tyler Perry and his movies. Its hard to imagine how people can do this considering the many different types of movies he's done. I am not a fan of  "Medea", I don't like the ENERGY of the character and the fact that Tyler Perry is trying to portray a woman, but there are several of his movies I do like.

Good Deeds is one of those movies. It is now on my list of movies Tyler Perry put out that I enjoyed..

In the movie Gabrielle Union plays Tyler Perry's fiance Natalie who's willing to fit Tyler Perry (Wesley) into her life. Despite his repetitive mundane nature, she never objects to his way of being nor complains and tries to find comfort in his predictability and systematic nature.

To me this is a form of being a subservient woman. There are woman like Natalie who'll become passive and deal with what they truly don't enjoy. Then you have women who would not tolerate a man like Wesley at all, due to a lack of understanding a man like him and the ability to see through his facade.
Then of course, there are women like Thandie Newtons character Lindsey. Women who challenge a man to be himself and come into his own. A woman who pushes a man toward embracing his spiritual self, which in turn is his true self. A feeling that becomes a blessing to a man when someone cares enough to do so.

At the same time, some men are scared of women who see through them and work to break open the shell around their spirit. Sometimes their shells have become security blankets for much of their lives and they resent a woman penetrating it. Men like this prefer to have women who are simply fixtures in their life, like a convenient, trusty, useful piece of furniture.

It's clear to me that some men throw around the word subservient and claim they want a woman to fall into that category, I don't think many of them realize how it would feel spiritually being with a woman who's considered subservient.. Men should dig deeper and express their desires with better adjectives that describe the type of woman they want, such as: cooperative, a woman who compromises, one who's reasonable, those adjectives seem like better adjectives to speak and manifest into reality. It results in a deeper more profound relationship where both parties grow in a beneficial way..

Overall Good Deeds was an excellent movie, and I love the ability Tyler Perry has to employ Black actors. Judging by his movies he clearly has his favorites. Thandie Newton and Phylicia Rashad are two of his favorites as well as mine. The movie also starred Brian White as Walter, Tyler Perry's Brother, someone I hope to see more in Hollywood. I think he could grow into a gifted actor like Cuba Gooding Jr. or Terrance Howard if he's allowed to expand. Tyler also gave a small role to Beverly Johnson who played Brenda, it was wonderful to see Tyler open the door for her..

Despite what people feel about some of his movies, this is a man who should always be held up. That doesn't mean you have to support all his movies in the theater, as I said I do not like Medea, Meet the Browns and I won't be seeing The Wedding Counselor starring "The Sex tape Woman". But aside from not supporting Medea in any form, Meet the Browns or the Wedding Counselor, I seek to purchase all his movies on DVD including this movie Good Deeds.

Just to show Tyler Perry's good heart, one of Tupac's songs "How Do You Want it" was featured in the movie. I do not like the song however featuring the movie allows his mother to collect royalty for the song. Of course those that killed him get some money too, but let's be grateful his mother gets some of the money.

I know many are like damn, why did this post have to be so long too, but let me close with this.

Here is an example of what happens when negative ENERGY and resentment takes over an environment. People lose their minds go insane and see things with "tunnel vision". They''re subconscious mind begins to look for their resentments in all things.

Here's the resentful comment:
Yeah, it's Captian-Save-A-Hoe: the movie. I don't like the message here either. Most baby mamas are going to get their heads filled with nonsense thinking some rich dude is going to save them. The reality is most dudes are just going to KEEP ON WALKING.

No man in his right mind is gonna pass up a woman with no kids and no drama for a baby mama and drama. Only in Tyler Perry's world does this happen.
This commenter goes through life looking to attack "Baby Mamas" because he has resentment towards them. The feeling is so intense he is bound to make generalizations and mistakes from time to time..

Here's a response to his comment:
Um, did we watch the same movie? Lindsey wasn't a baby mama, unless you're using that term to refer to any mother who is single for any reason. Lindsey's husband was killed while on military deployment and she had to quit nursing school to get a job and raise her daughter. So she's a hard-luck case, sure, but not an irresponsible "ho" who got knocked up by a guy she wasn't married to...................................
I understand the first commenters resentment towards "Baby Momma's", his mother was probably a Baby Momma and he had a hard life because of it. But it just demonstrates how people can be so ready to attack out of resentment they don't fully absorb or weigh the ENERGY of situations. In his mind it was another opportunity to make Baby Mommas feel like crap. lol

Who knows maybe his type of ENERGY will help young girls coming up and they will think twice about doing something that can be used to attack them.

OMG, I to come back and add this, I have to hang out on the IMDB Boards, it's too funny....

Not that I agree but it's an ENERGY joke, the person wrote this in terms of the movie:
It's just Twilight for black girls. Only instead of a vampire or werewolf being the far-fetched love interest, it's an average, responsible black man.
That is too funny, I wonder if a White person wrote that, lol, lol. Don't get angry Brothers it's just a joke, though positive Brothers, NO, your ENERGY is not very strong.

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