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How Many Can Stomach Watching True Blood?

I never watched the show True Blood until now, after stumbling across it on the Internet. All I can say is thank the Universe for this because I would never support a show like this and it's advertisers.

I've heard some Black people talk about the show but just by seeing one episode I can see they don't talk about it in the way it should be talked about. Once again we have a stereotypical mess. I've only watched one episode: Season 1 episode 1 and I am completely turned off.

I have to wonder how Black people could watch this show and see how others manifest their thoughts of how Black people behave and not become repulsed. Do you want your spirit, vibration and image to rise, or are you just happy to see yourself on screen, like a Black person who jumped for joy when Octavia Spencer won an Oscar for her role in "The Help"?

The show features two main Black characters Tara and Lafayette. Both characters provide non-Black viewers with a comfortable, entertaining, pity inspiring depiction of Black people.

Tara maintains an "I'll kick your ass" demeanor and look that people love to see in Black woman so much

Tara is a loud mouth, rude, obnoxious, unreasonable, ill tempered, raggedy, dusty hair looking Black woman who poses no threat to any non-Black woman because no one would want to emulate her.

At the same time she has the desire to save her White best friend Sookie to protect her innocence and welfare like several other characters in the movie. She also seems to have a fixation on Sookie's Brother who doesn't even acknowledge her though she's been friends with Sookie since Kindergarten.

Note: There's a scene in the 1str episode where Tara ha so much Vaseline on her legs you could see your reflection. So add greasy to the list of stereotypes of her. She's a greasy, loud mouth, rude, obnoxious, unreasonable, ill tempered, raggedy, dusty hair looking Black woman.
Then you have Lafayette, Tara's cousin, a gay man who wears the ENERGY of being androgynous liking both male and females and dressing as a mixture of both. Again he's a non-threatening emasculated Black character. He's pure entertainment and pity inducing. Good for a laugh and ego boosting because you can be glad you're not him.

This seems like it's going to be another Precious moment for me. I only got through 30 minutes of the movie Precious before turning it off. Because all of the seasons of True Blood are free online, I want to look at one episode that from a later season just to guage it's ENERGY. But I would not, I repeat would not support this show having any monetary gain by watching it on HBO. And I will not, will not watch all of it's episodes.

I'm just strong like that, mentally and spiritually I'm a Superhuman!

Attention Black women:
Did you know the role of Tara was initially suppose to be played by a Bi-Racial woman, but the powers that be felt she was not convincing enough.

Because both of these links are in Full Screen mode, look at the top comment under the video featuring the Bi-Racial woman as Tara:
I'm glad she didn't get the part tbh. She just seems too "nice" :x
Of course because Black particularly Dark skin equals rough and tough

Guess what? 

It does, because we help create this perception

For those who are dimwits the Bi-Racial woman would have been PERFECT because she would have added more balance to the role. She's considered Black to all non-Blacks but she's not the stereotypical Black woman.

I will do an article in the future (maybe tonight) that urges darker skin Black women to only support themselves in more feminine, classier roles. We can allow our lighter skin sisters and Bi-racial woman to play the tough roles, because they have not been stereotyped by them.

Is that ENOUGH to convince you to NOT SUPPORT this show and it on HBO?

When you Eat Crap, you become Crap and can't complain

Ironic Note:
I'm not mad at the creators of this show, they have the right to portray anything they want, even ignorance. That's the benefit of being a creator. It also should be a reason to inspire Black people to continue to create our own depictions and power in the media. At the same time you cannot support other people's ignorance even if they have the right to be that way. When you refrain from supporting ignorance those who care about having a wider audience will seek to add more balance and not offend those who could be potential supporters.

Action Required::
Physical---Running around the block 10 times for 30 days
Spiritual---Do not support the show

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