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Erykah Badu and Sister Join Together For Shocking Video

Though I took notice to Erykah Badu when she first came out, I never was a die hard fan. I only have one of her CD's "Worldwide Underground" and found her to be more and more ambiguous as her career went on. I am not fond of those who sacrifice understanding in order to be ambiguous and call it art. In my opinion people either understand you or they don't, whether they agree with what you do or say is a separate issue.

In the wake of the controversy created over her video "Window Seat" now we have another display of what seemingly demonstrates an attempt at being ambiguously deep. In my opinion it's annoying and contrite and seems staged.

The lead singer of Flaming Lips Wayne Coyne agrees and claims Erykah Badu's dramatic outburst about the video for their Heady Fwends collaboration "The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face" is just to sir up controversy.

He states:
"This video to me is not controversial, it's wonderful, and I think
Erykah knew she could play into it if we made a video that could be
perceived as derogatory," he said. "Otherwise I don't think she'd be
interested in it. I think [her reaction] is still in the realm of a
creation of controversy."
But I want to go a little bit further because I don't think it's about protecting her image.

I think Erykah Badu can most definitely handle controversial reactions. There is no way she would or could create screenshots like these and not realize it would be controversial:

What did she think would happen to the footage her sister clearly shot?

Did she think this picture didn't look like blood?

 As soon as I saw the still photo it looked like blood to me and I said "Oh Erykah Badu's being "extra again and went into ignore mode.
See the problem in the case with her sister is that she can't afford the negative publicity. That's an over-site made by Erykah Badu due to her usually being high as a kite. A state she's usually in, in my opinion. I don't think she considered the backlash and how the pictures made her sister look.

Her sister's looks are already controversial in this brainwashed society and then she goes on to portray herself in a way it seems like she was playing in a dumpster of cum and blood.. Her sister wears the ENERGY of being dirty. Like many men have said it gave her a "ghetto gagger" ENERGY.

Allowing that type of perception to simmer could only effect her sister in the long run due to wearing a smut ENERGY. What type of endorsements would she get, who would want to touch her with a ten feet pole?

In a blink of an eye she managed to make herself look used and trash-like
She looks like she went to hell and back. It takes all beauty from her and she definitely couldn't bid high when pursuing projects because she seems like tainted goods. Most people simply screw their face up when reflecting on this video and her image.


Ass and glitter can't save the day on this one, she left an imprint on people's minds. So of course big sister had to come and try to save the day. It seems Erykah Badu only started complaining after grasping the severity of the negative reactions people were having to the video.

Hopefully this incident forces her to think through her high state and make better choices when it comes to how she allows herself to be displayed.

Think I'm picking on her?

Just this past February she was set to perform in Malaysia but her concert was cancelled by officials. Why? well she had the genius idea to once again appear naked and have symbolic tattoos drawn on her body. Here's the thing, these symbols aren't symbolic to her but they are to the people of that country.

She tattoo the world Allah right above her breast. Is she Muslim? No she is not, and even if she were Muslim it's considered disrespectful to the people of that religion and country to do such a thing. Once again being "extra" came back to haunt her. Many celebrities have been asked kindly beforehand to be and dress more modestly when performing in countries like Malaysia.

Believe me when I say, despite how deep people think Erykah Badu is she's a mere actress like her mother. She learned from the cradle how to portray characters in order to entertain others and has come to make a speculate of herself will doing it.


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