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The Effect of Rohan Marley's Proposal on His and Lauren Hill's Children

People might find the different angles that I speak about things odd, but I always feel the need to delve deeper. Not only do I like to delve deeper I like to make ENERGY connections that reveal the causes of different mentalities, actions and reactions.

For those who are unaware, recently Rohan Marley proposed to his Brazilian model girlfriend 28 year old, Isebeli Fontana who he dated for less than a year. Rohan Marley and Lauren Hill where together for a number of years, at least 12 and have five children together:
Zion David (born August 3, 1997)
Selah Louise (born November 12, 1998)
Joshua Omaru (born January 26, 2002),
John Nesta (born mid-2003)
and Sarah (born January 2008)

Apparently Lauren Hill started a relationship with Rohan Marley while he was still married, he later divorced. But despite having five children with him, they themselves never tied the knot. One can only hope that it was Lauren Hills choice not to get married.

When I observed situations like this, even with everyday woman, I can't help but wonder how children process these things.

Most of Lauren Hill's children are still fairly young, with the oldest only being 15, however just like many children in the same predicament, they have to process the ENERGY of their mother not being good enough. At the same time they are suppose to go on and respect women like her in the future. Most children use their mothers as a gauge for how they treat other women.

This is something I often question many Black women about.

Lauren Hill has three boys who witnessed their mother be dismissed by their father. A lot of single mothers are left wearing the ENERGY of being discarded and walked on and over like they were just a "baby making" factory. Does that take away from the beauty of their mothers, subsequently the beauty of Black women that look like her?

It seems like it would be hard to equate beauty with a woman who birthed five children, did not get married but the father marries another woman in less than a year of knowing her. To add insult to the situation, Isebeli Fontana has been married three times. Yes, I said it correctly, three times and she's only 28 years old. Rohan Marley has been married two, while Lauren Hill who birthed five children for Rohan Marley and another child for another man, has never been married.

I wonder how hard it is for the children to process the fact that the father is marrying a woman he has no children with in less than a year, a woman who looks totally opposite to their mother. Does it take away from the beauty of Lauren Hill in her children's eyes? Do they pity her? I think Lauren Hill might have it a little better than most mothers because at least her children can see her beloved and liked by many in the world.

The average woman just wears the ENERGY of being used and not good enough. I think it's a subconscious reason many Black men grow up and find it hard to respect and see the beauty in Black women. Most just womanize women throughout their lives, but there are those few who come across women of other races and act as if they have found gold because not only does the the woman look in contrast to their mothers, but they have been taught that they are superior to Black women. Oftentimes because they are raised around many single Black mothers, they don't come across many things that dispel the illusion that Black women are less valuable. I hope that this does not become the case with Lauren Hill and Rohan Marley's children.

In closing I will say some Black men have the ENERGY of being "King Kong". Rohan Marley reportedly told Fontana that he would like to get married in Ethiopia:
“Rohan told me we have to return to the roots so the marriage will last forever,”
 Who's roots? Maybe she will wear a Kente wedding dress too.

It has the ENERGY of believing they can scoop up a woman of another race and take them into their world and now they are no longer their non-Black identity their his Frankenbride. It gives them a feeling of being in the place of a White men who's perceived as dominate. Unfortunately many Black men get a rude awakening when they realize these women do have an identity, family and friends that have a different culture than them.

I'm sure it's easier to be with a model, opposed to a woman who to this day is reportedly worth 8.7 million dollars and known internationally for her music. He can feel more like a man with a woman who is only known for her looks not brains or talent. It's very hard for women in the spotlight who have gained a lot of success to find men who are willing to play "Mrs such and such". This can be seen even with Seal and Heidi Klum's marriage, a couple I really liked together. Seal struggled emotionally after Heidi Klum began doing too much, making her net worth much higher than his. He became jealous and resentful and didn't want to be "Mr. Mom".

But when it's all said and done, I like Lauren Hill but I think we can all stand to learn from each other. I wish her and her children the best.

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