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The Dilution of Miss Universe Leila Lopes

Sometimes I say why do I have to be part of this race. I swear this race is like a welcome mat you wipe your feet on and kick up the ass like McFly from "Back to the Future".

Who the hell is this? this woman is certainly not this woman...................................

All I can do is become speechless sometimes. Leila Lopes was featured in Maxim Portugal and they air-brushed the life out of her skin and the strength out of the Black man's sperm. There are Black men saying 'that's not my daughter', Hush up, they would have done it to her too.

Now I understand that this race has been beaten down so much many just accept being insulted or dismissed but that doesn't mean the Universe will not remind you from time to time how weak you have become through people like me..
The Universe spoke to me and I don't want to attack Black men. My initial article was a rant but I decided to tone it down. I want Black people as a whole to realize our position in society and work on loving ourselves.

How many of you wonder what Leila Lopes's reaction was when seeing the finished layout in this magazine?

Take a look at her with the execs at the magazine prior to the shoot:

There smiling, she's smiling and it seems that she was chosen because she's so beautiful right? They can clearly see her color, which is in great contrast to theirs. Well the layout proves that they don't think her beauty is Good enough. They decided to feature a woman who is close to their hue. Being a darker hue that stems from a Black man with strong genes is too intimidating and looked down on.

Is this not beautiful to them?:
This picture reflects a different modeling shoot at a previous time.

Let me reveal where I'm going with this.

A Black man would see this woman and think she's beautiful the way she is.

Or This Woman
They would drag any of these women from Portugal back to the states and do an XXL shoot or Smooth Men magazine shoot and not change much about her.

Here's the complexity of the situation. There is nothing wrong with that, you don't have to be ignorant because others are ignorant. However............

And this is a Big However................

You never praise or uphold the women of another man's heritage more than your own women. You may think you are spiting Black women but it makes Black men look weak. (This is a UNIVERSAL LAW of POWER)

If I was a Black man I would secretly think these women are beautiful but I would never acknowledge it from the mountaintops when the men who create women like this would not do the same when it comes to women created by my sperm.

Some Black men would come home from Portugal and tell Black women that Portugal women are some of the most beautiful women on the planet. Of course a Portuguese man would not do the same after going to Africa, unless it's South Africa and he met a White South African woman with a tan. The same applies for the Caribbean.

I am addressing Black men specifically only because this was done in a man's magazine. Of course this is the Portugal edition, but Maxim needs to take responsibility for emasculating your sperm. For not valuing your sperm unless it contains large traces of their sperm.

I also want to use this as an eye-opening for Black men, I want Black men to realize that they are also beginning to do this with more and more blatancy in the United States. Do not allow other men to have dominance over you by dismissing Black women who were made with the strength of your sperm.

Do not allow your resentment towards Black women in this era to blind you into spiting yourself. We were made unique and should celebrate each other and the uniqueness that defines us.

So I hope to hear less Black men kiss the asses of non-Black men by praising their women and creation over themselves and what they create. I want Black men to become repulsed by this and turned off when other Black men do it.

I will end this article with Antonia Shinana the 1st runner up of the Miss Tourism pageant representing Nambia.
There is no woman on the face of the earth that have our hair and skin color so NEVER compare us to others. Please don't let them beat down your spirit and the spirit of the women of your race.........................

When you do this many Black women will attempt to assimilate, I will do an article on that in the near future. The article will reveal the true reason you are losing the authenticity and naturalness of the women of this race.

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