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Creflo Dollar's Daughter Gets Him Arrested (This Represents Two ENERGIES and One Possiblity)

A Shameless Daughter Caused this Mugshot

Weighing the ENERGY of Creflo Dollars Arrest

I never take the time out to continuously bash Creflo Dollar or any of the other mega church pastors, despite them having the ENERGY of being shady. They have the ENERGY of being shady because it's clear that money is their main focus.

I wonder how many would dispute this ENERGY?

Well, I can promise you it's the truth, Guess Why?

Because money HAS to be their main focus. They build mega churches and have lavish lifestyles that must be maintained. They place themselves in a position where money has to keep rolling in. I did an article on Creflo Dollar that reveals the type of pressure of this reality. Creflo Dollar believes people should tithe or get shot.

A church like his as with many mega churches, need more than just the light and water bill paid to keep going and stay afloat.

But despite me not being a big Creflo Dollar fan, I am outraged by his recent arrest.

As the title states there are two ENERGIES that reflect this incident:

One, it shows how society has become affected by White Liberals who do not believe in disciplining a child physically, no matter the situation. Parents have become villains when they become physical with their children even when it's out of love and the child is completely out of control.

 And it must be noted I write this article with a clear mind. Growing up I was not spanked often, I could probably count the number of times I was spanked on one hand.

Guess what else? I couldn't see myself choosing that mode of action in an instant when and if I decide to have children. I'm more of a talker and challenger, so I would rather think of a way to get my point across and discipline in a way that requires mental thought and weighing the pros and cons of an action, not just temporary pain. I would tell my child you can go to the party but I'm coming with you, "lets go".

Those involved would never invite her butt again. I would be the type of mom I will pop up when you least expect it. I can give a child $20 dollars and they would tell me where my child is, I would create a situation where it just wouldn't be worth it. The whole neighborhood would say "Oh Lord here comes such and such's mom with her whistle around her neck and she's about to blow it". When the kids want to make a couple of extra bucks they will know they can come and "snitch" on my child. Back in the days the elders in the neighborhood did this for free but they have been beaten into submission threw fear and terror and now remain silent.

In any case, despite my beliefs and how I would like to raise my children when I have them, I think a parent should be allowed to enact corporal punishment on a child within reason. Think of times in the past when parents were allowed to discipline their children without the authorities being called. Many of these well meaning parents would placed in jail in this day and age.

Author Richard Wright's mother would have been under the jail and doing some serious time if in this day and age she would have lashed him until he was almost unconscious because he burned down the family home. If you read the book "Black Boy", Richard Wright did not lose respect for his mother or hate her because she did this. It's because there weren't any ENERGIES that came between him knowing that at the end of the day his mother loved him and cared for him. Liberals in today's society have fed the notion to children that they should not be hit by their parents and can take action when this is done. They tell children their parents are criminals and abusers when they use corporal punishment.

Ironically, I find Richard Wright's mothers actions to be extreme and I think it's along the lines of being the only way I would see the legitimacy of a parent being arrested. And that's only if the child complained, because that means the child cannot handle such a severe punishment and the parent must understand this. And due to it's brutal nature arresting the parent and explaining to them that they where being brutal will force them to take less severe action next time.

But in the case with Creflo Dollar he reportedly threw his daughter to the ground, punched her, hit her with his shoe and supposedly choked her. The last claim is hard to believe and even if he did put his hands around her neck he did not do so to kill her, as anyone can see she's alive. When police officers arrived they noticed a scratch on her neck near her throat and they arrested him. People mistakenly scratch themselves in the most trivial ways, that's how easy it is for someone to get a scratch. A scratch does not symbolize brutality.

Creflo Dollar claims an altercation ensued after he told his daughter she could not go to a party, they argued  and she hit him. Judging by the ENERGY of the situation I believe that's exactly what happened. There would be no reason for Creflo Dollar to get overtly angry and physical if the daughter simply accepted his answer of "No".

The second ENERGY felt in this incident that I want to point out is the rebellious nature of children today.

The cops were called to Creflo Dollar's house a 1AM, this would mean his daughter was trying to attend a party that was happening very late at night, into the morning. No 15 year old child should be out at 1AM in the morning. The ENERGY of society and this culture has a very rebellious nature to it which can't help but possess children coming up today.

We cannot keep subjecting the youth to celebrities who carry an ENERGY of having "no boundaries", they will quite naturally try to test this theory because the ENERGY of the culture always has a gravitating pull on those who absorb it. We live in a culture where the youth dominate and have the strongest ENERGIES.

I think Creflo Dollar can be used as a perfect example of the challenges many parents will face in the climate of this type of culture. They will have to try and pull their children like "tug a war" away from the possessing negative ENERGIES of what they are exposed to. It seems Creflo Dollar is facing this with his youngest daughter who quite naturally is the most grounded in the ENERGY of this culture.

There are many people who are mistaken believe good parents is the only thing needed in this type of society and culture where negative ENERGY is so profound. This has been proven wrong time and time again. The Universe would not allow humanity to sink to a low level and accept negativity and think they can work around it. Many parents teach their kids right from wrong but the ENERGIES of what they are exposed to pull them in another direction.

The Universe says" "We will ALL suffer due to the ENERGIES we accept, fuel and allow to penetrate our environments"...................PERIOD.

Again, I'm not a big Creflo Dollar fan but I wish him the best of luck through this humiliating time and I hope his daughter feels the most humiliation. To have your father arrested and subjected to a mugshot that will last for eternity is beyond comprehension. Creflo Dollar has five children, two adopted boys and 3 daughters, he's been a father for many decades.

The Possibility
I cannot gauge Creflo Dollars relationship with his daughter. I would not be able to do so unless I was in their presence. If I were in their presence, it would take only a second for me to gauge the ENERGY of their relationship no matter what they try to portray. But this incident can very well stem from his daughter somehow losing respect for her father and not caring about his humilation.

I have to think of this scenario because I have a father and I would never dream of calling the cops on him and I'm sure most daughters who love their father feel the same. I have a calm Dad so growing up I can only think of one time my Dad got really angry and slapped me a couple of times, but, I would never in ENERGY turn against him. Now we all know Creflo Dollar leads what many might call a shady life. I cannot determine if that has caused him to do things which reflect him not having respect for his family, but due to the outrageous nature of this, it's a possibility.

A lack of feeling respected and valid breeds resentment, just like dismissiveness breeds resentment. As I said I cannot gauge their ENERGY in a personal sense. I have looked for stories where he's spoken about his children and cannot find any. But I'm sure most agree most children do not call the cops on their parents, just like they would not want their parents to call the cops on them. Her ENERGY is like a emotional revengeful wife who calls the cops during a domestic dispute. Most children know when they are wrong, but she had to make her father pay, beyond a way that would be the typical response of a child; Giving a parent the silent treatment or pouting. No this was extreme, so it's an incident that points to an ENERGY that had to be taken into consideration.

For Higher Conscious Minds Who Do A Certain Type of Research
Do you think this incident is part of something bigger? It's almost unbelievable that a prominent man who is well-known in the community, not only was arrested but processed all due to the word of his daughter who at the most suffered superficial minor injuries. Sometimes the puppets that are on the string are yanked and reminded how much power those in control have over them. Many celebrities have been arrested or had their image tarnished slightly so that those in charge could exert their power and remind them of their control. Email me and tell me what you think.


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