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Can You Change Those Who Don't Want To Change?

How many people do you think has told Lil K she looks horrible and let her know she's gone too far with surgery? The answer: Many

Whether they said so in a nice way or a direct way that seems cruel, the message has gotten across to Lil Kim by now.

Has she accepted the message? Does it seem like she's getting better or worst?

The truth is you can't change someone unless they want to be changed. Everyone has their own spiritual path to follow. It's important for positive, more conscious Black people to realize this when it comes to this culture. We must understand the ways of gaining dominance in the culture and community. Trying to change those who have no intention of changing or those who are lost souls is fruitless and counterproductive. Instead their power must be stripped away by the more positive and conscious exerting it's power.

I've been weak lately, and the Universe had to help me refocus my ENERGY.

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