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Amerie Set to Drop a New Album Amongst the Dark Ones

Amerie is one of my favorite artist, I think she is very underrated. But there's a reason for this, she's underrated for a reason.

Amerie could never be like Rihanna, she can't be twist, turned out and used to bring Darkness to the culture like Rihanna. Her spirit would not be able to handle it.

I don't think many people realize that a personality and characteristic assessment is done when it comes to artist. The industry tends to push those who are willing to push the agenda of the people in charge. Those in charge realize how powerful the media is to society. They realize people emulate what they see in the media both on a conscious and subconscious level.

For example the industry is trying to push drugs heavily in the culture.

So they can take someone like Rihanna who is a spaced out druggy and implant images like this in her videos.
This is a snapshot from Rihanna "We Found Love Video"------(Yes, I catch everything)

Here's another one:

And to top it off
Hopefully you are asking yourself why were these pictures NEEDED in Rihanna's video 
"We Found Love". What purpose does it serve?

The goal is to program the youth and those who take to this culture to accept drugs as a way of going through life and coping with it. Doing this helps dilute the consciousness of people and they can be controlled more easily. When you have people walking around dazed and confused, they cannot see what is truly happening to them and they're less likely to fight back spiritually when it comes to things they should be resisting. Drugs drain your ENERGY and ability to fight spiritually.

The body and mind becomes conditioned to deal with anything as long as it can have drugs to do so. 

I see an uptick in pushing "pill popping" in the culture, through music and visuals, as the pictures above demonstrate. And I'm sure that benefits many pharmaceutical companies.

And of course Amerie would never been seen like this:

Or this:
And definitely not like this:
Why wouldn't Amerie do the things Rihanna does? Well, there are two reasons:
  1. She has more self-respect, class and morals
  2. You can tell Amerie was raised with a stronger background and would not shame her family
Amerie describes her parents as conservative, protective, traditional Christians. Growing up, she and her sister were forbidden to leave the house or use the phone on school days.
Those who run the industry can't do much with that. If you were to do an assessment of those in the mainstream media, you would realize many of them had traumatizing upbringings, broken families, heartache and the sense of desperation to make it, in order to replace their feelings of inadequacy felt while growing up.

Rihanna comes from a broken down abused, mother, home and her father is a crackhead. All her parents know is they have money amongst the poor people of Barbados. Both parents lived shamed lives so subconsciously they feel they can't object to the antics of Rihanna like other parents who offered stability to their children could. 

Even someone like Beyonce falls into having the characteristics and personality the industry looks for when it comes to mainstream artist. Beyonce reminds me of the little girl Jon Benet Ramsey, hopefully without the sexual abuse. Beyonce was raised in a family that pushed her to be the top "Pageant Girl" and win, win, win. The most important thing is winning and trying to top all others. She will do anything to succeed because it has come to define her as a person and this was implanted in her mind at a very young. Beyonce doesn't see herself as being mere human like everyone else and loathes the thought of being in that category. So it makes Beyonce another spirit that can be used by the Dark ENERGY that rules over the industry.
Beyonce "Run this World (Girls)"----Not only a pyramid but one made out of a dollar bill, now go look at the back of your dollar bill.

All talents are used to generate money, but the most money is put behind those who are the most useful and exploitable.

In any case, I can't wait for Ameriea's new album Cymatika and mixtape The Prelude, though a release date has not been set yet. Hopefully the industry won't stall on her and I pray that she keeps her strong upbringing in mind and doesn't cave under the pressure of this exploitative culture like so many other celebrities are doing in this era.

Listen to one of my favorite Amerie Songs. I know this song had a certain someone "shook" for a second. She said to herself "I know they are not about to let this chick rise and have as much shine as me". Of course she was right because again Dark ENERGY will side with it's most useful puppets until it decides to discard them for another in the end..

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