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Will Smith Slaps Reporter (Will it Quiet the Naysayers)?

ENERGY Summary:
It seems this incident has satisfied those who thought Will Smith might be gay, and those who weren't sure. Then there are those who wanted Will Smith to proclaim from a mountain top that he's not gay and this comes close enough to some.

For those that don't know, Will Smith is amongst one of the many Black celebrities who recently backed Obama's endorsement for gay marriage. This incident comes on the heels of that news making headlines. So this incident was either a PR stunt or a gay man in Russia expressing his love for Will Smith.

So was it a publicity stunt, who knows, but I do know this incident can't hurt him. Men in Black 3 is coming out very soon, and Will Smith and his backers definitely want people of all walks of life and beliefs to go see it. That includes Mormons and Evangelist who are angered by Obama's endorsement.

If it was a publicity stunt, it was a good one, it's not like Gay people can say "Why didn't you kiss him on the lips Will, I think you're homophobic Will". Nope, they have to remain silent on this one because it seems like one of those homophobic fears people tend to have of a gay person imposing their lifestyle on another.

That is the end of my ENERGY SUMMARY, if you would like to "go with how I roll" and read the in-depth portion of this article, where I speak more about gay ENERGY and how it has affected Will Smith over the years, click more. For everyone else, see ya next post, PEACE!
I like to use Will Smith as an example of how homosexual ENERGY has flooded our society and effected the lives of many men. Growing up in the 90's we never called Will Smith gay or thought he was gay. He hit the scene with "Parents Just Don't Understand" a song I didn't particularly like, but it was playful and light and hit to most. My brother even had the 12inch album. Then he starred in "The Fresh Prince of Bel Air" which was also a hit, and "NO" even then, Black women did not go around wondering if he was gay. Even after playing a gay man in "Six Degrees of Separation" prior to The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, we didn't taunt him as being gay.

Flash forward to now with the gay agenda having a strong ENERGY in society and it's acceptance is being viewed as a way to prove that you're politically correct, Will Smith like 99 percent of the other Black men in the spotlight have become suspect and accused of being gay.

Of course one of the strongest blows to all Black men even those who are not celebrities, was E. Lynn Harris, J.L. King and a host of other authors. The story of E. Lynn Harris ended as a tragic one. Harris was an openly gay author who lived a troubled life of drugs and alcohol and mysteriously died of heart disease in a hotel room at the age of 54.

E. Lynn Harris and other gay authors like J.L. King exposed the reality of sexual confusion in many Black men. Men who weren't always open about their sexual confusion with their female partners. A term was created for this double life behavior, called "The Downlow Brother". The term became the talk of the town, pointing fingers and wondering which men might be on the downlow became a sport to most and this ENERGY has intensified instead of subsided. I'm sure E. Lynn Harris and other authors excluding J.L. King, had the best intentions and had genuine motives, but in reality, it seems they only poured fear into society and made gay bashing and calling men gay a weapon and form of spiritual warfare against all men.

As one lady put it after reading J.L. King's On the Down Low: A Journey into the Lives of Straight Men Who Sleep with Men:
As a nurse this book angered me to the point of total disgust, because I see the end results of AIDS and how many lives are completely wasted behind hedonistic pleasures,but I commend Mr. King for coming forward and doing the responsible thing by trying educating EVERYONE about this wreckless behavior of a few selfish people. The scary, confusing and extremely sad part is, that I will always wonder if every brother I encounter is on the DL until they prove that they are not. The book is powerful wake up call to those of you on the DL to come clean and be honest.

Notice how J.L. King creates sensationalism to sell books by saying "Straight Men Who Sleep with Men". A man who is straight does not sleep with men. (I will talk more about J.L. King in another article)
In any case, 

People are quick to call a man gay in this era. Many people may think these books exposing downlow men are helpful to the community and helps Black women be more cautious. But is that true? Isn't the AIDS/HIV rate still high and nothing has come of it but the emasculation of Black men period? I guess the moral is; if someone is truly trying to hide their lifestyle, it won't always be detectable, particularly in an instant. So it's important to get to know a person in order to discover their true self.

Now is Will Smith truly gay? I don't know, all I can say is, the ENERGY he has brought to the public through entertainment never prompt me to think he might be homosexual. I don't know him personally but I like to go by the ENERGY celebrities bring to society.  I defended Trey Songz, a brother many women like to call gay in the same way in my article " Be Careful When Attacking a Black Man's Masculinty"

One thing is for sure, I've seen a slight change in Will Smith over the years. The accusations of him being gay seem to take an edge off of his carefree nature and he seems a little more self-conscious about his actions and body gesturing. He's even made a few failed attempts at making light of the accusations by acting gay on purpose, like when he kissed David Letterman. It reminds me of the Wayne Brothers, two Brothers who've been taunted as being gay, though they were never thought to be gay in the past. I will do a separate article which goes into the ambush on the sexuality of the Wayne's Brothers at another time.

When it comes to Black men in general, it seems that Black men have "harden up" and purposely act more brash in the attempt to guard themselves from being considered gay. They think the harder and more careless they appear the less it will seem as if they are gay.

It's a sad innocence that has been stripped from men in this era. An epidemic and repercussion I don't think homosexuals could understand. The worst think you could do to a man is challenge his masculinity. That's why I cringe when gay people taunt heterosexual men as being "in the closet" and gay too, it's as if they are imposing their own lives on others.

Some openly gay men live difficult confusing lives and mistake acceptance with trying to recruit others who they wish to be viewed as gay. Many of them believe "Strength Comes in Numbers" and relish the idea of powerful, admired men being considered gay. They feed off of this ENERGY and it empowers their movement.Until those gay people who take part in this realize they contribute to homophobia, they will always find themselves on the quest of trying to turn people's fears into acceptance.

In conclusion, I like Will Smith even though it seems he has been forced to embrace the occultism that exists at the top of the pyramid of the industry. I think he tries to offset this by trying not to be as visible as most. However I don't like his willingness to allow his daughter to participate in this just because he's till in favor with Darkness. Read my article "What Will Smith Will Allow to Guarantee His Daughters Success"

Will Smith Kisses David Letterman

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