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Serena the Rapper?

Update: After a lukewarm reception to her rap song, Serena Claims "backstabbing" friends released the song without her knowledge and she made the track one or two years ago.
Could this be another Mary J. Blige, backing out of the Burger King commercial due to the public's reaction type of moment?

In any case, I have to practice proper journalism and bring you this update. I don't have to modify the article much because the theme of this article was to address a slight desperate ENERGY I've always felt coming from Serena as she treads through the narrow-minded realm of the entertainment industry.

I'm rarely wrong when I absorb someone's ENERGY!

There's nothing negative you can really say or feel about Serena, but I have noticed that she has a certain urge that hopefully doesn't become her spiritual downfall. Because she seems like a strong person, I think she can handle it but at the same time what she wants and yearns for can drive a person crazy.

What is that urge?

Fitting in

Unlike her sister Venus who I am a bigger fan of, Serena lives with the urge and desire to fit in and be accepted. We live in a society where the definition of beauty defies the way Serena looks, and because we have become a race who's broken down over the years and accept the mainstream definition of beauty while ignoring ourselves we can't offer Serena much support.

Now granted Serena is muscular and big boned which is an extra hindrance in this society that's in the "Tranny Era", but she is not an ugly Black woman. For those who don't understand what I mean about being in a "Tranny Era", it's an era where due to the ENERGY of Trannies which is created because their existence is known and strong within the minds of people, many women will be accused of being or looking like men.
Over the years this perception has simply branched out beyond Wesley Snipes in a dress to the point where people will suspect attractive women of being men too. The technology and beauty advancements at the disposal of Trannies allow them to be more deceptive and this deceptive ENERGY makes people paranoid. As an attractive woman who is simply tall I can attest to this. In order to gain power over me I've had rare occasions where the ugliest women will try to implant within the minds of men who are attracted to me the possibility I might be a man. Of course at the end of the day there's a primitiveness in all of us and men know I'm a woman who was born a woman, but it can still challenge a weaker mans masculinity.

The more we embrace the ENERGY of Trannies who rob true women of their identities and the perception of who is a man or woman will continue to become blurred. And yes women who would usually be considered beautiful, women who are closer to societies definition of beauty will seem suspect.

I recently came across a thread with 50 Cent's girlfriend Daphne a woman Black men have been trained to step over Gabrielle Union to get to and the "catty" women and even a few men said she looks like a Tranny.

Of Course it doesn't help that people claim 50 Cent is gay.

After witnessing people accuse Ciara of being a man, I have always wanted to venture down to Atlanta and absorb the atmosphere there, because I'm sure many women are accused of being men when they are not in that area because there is a strong homosexual, and Tranny ENERGY in Atlanta. And if Ciara can be accused of being a man, most of the Black women I see on a daily basis don't stand a chance.
But of course, I have a higher consciousness so I realize that someone from the Atlanta area probably started the rumor that Ciara was a man. After-all she is from that area and as I said before, because of the strong homosexual ENERGY of Atlanta I'm sure it's the insult of choice when wanting to insult another woman. The aim is to completely crush the idea of her beauty in the eyes of others.
Someone altered this picture in an effort to insult Ciara
This picture had the ENERGY of saying "Ha in your face can you call me a man now"?

It's the same with Black men who are often attacked and accused of being gay when someone wants to insult them.  I'm sure that is intensified in areas like Atlanta where Black men are guilty of being gay until proven otherwise. In fact I've seen Black men in this era change by trying to act, gesture and create a bravo that will prevent people from suspecting they might be gay.

Calling a Black man gay has been a top insult even with men who wish to tarnish another man's image.

In the spotlight it seems that every Black man is considered gay, there is no way that ENERGY will not carry over into everyday life, even in areas that aren't considered gay capitols like "Atlanta".

It's a topic I want to address more at a later time. A topic that reveals the challenges of embracing homosexual ENERGIES and agendas into society.

But Back to Serena..........
ESPN awards, She was trying a little too hard this night, she looked desperate for people to focus on her body

I've always felt the ENERGY of Serena wanting to be considered attractive and accepted by the masses. She has taken the one asset that distracts men from taunting her and used it to the best of her ability. She plays up her ass to distract from being insulted. It will take a strong man to be able to walk with Serena and accept her no matter what. Any man that pursues or embraces her instantly has his masculinity challenged due to her seeming more masculine than what mainstream society deems beautiful.

Its yet again, another pitfall of not focusing on all types of beauty because though Serena is muscular, I think that she carries herself as a feminine woman. You can tell she definitely has personality because she seems accepted and liked by many entertainers. I think it was slightly vindicating to her image to be tied to Common and Drake however inflated the rumors became.

So anyway, Serena wants to rap? Well after listening to her rhyme of course it sounds like all the other rhymes of today no better no worst. It has a playful ENERGY to it, and there's no harm done.

I can only hope she doesn't try to morph into something she is not in order to gain acceptance. But instead, learns to embrace herself with the knowledge that societies perceptions of beauty are robotic programming and not directly an insult to her.

I can't express how delighted I was to see her slow down from hanging out with Kim K, a woman who only seems to surround herself with women who she can feel dominance over. Kim K would only embrace a woman she knows might not outshine her. Her friendship with LaLa seemed to wane also as LaLa seem to gain more attention, but to be honest both of their egos probably began to clash, it's something the Devil sparks with most celebrities. He's able to do this because they are both trying to aim for something they should not be aiming for, and that is to be praised and become idols. 

I wish Serena the best and hope that she never feels the need to morph into a character she thinks will be more acceptable. 

To listen to her new song click here:

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