Exposing the ENERGY of Entertainment To Release People From The Mental and Spiritual Bondage It Creates!

A Seemingly Harmless Film that Doesn't Heal Us!

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ENERGY is like a fog, a mist, smoke or anything you can think of that shifts and has no defined shape. Because of this it can be stirred and directed with force. You can put a towel under your door and mist and fog will not enter. You can put a fan in a room and blow the smoke out of that area.

The same thing can be said with the direction of our image and what we are allow to define us. Right now we are going through a spiritual crisis in the Black community. Due to the bombardment of negative perceptions both Black men and women can meet one or two people in everyday life and become turned off. Most of us don't realize what we are doing. When we hear each other speak it's as if we had 100 relationships with the opposite sex of this race and they all where a disaster.

We don't realize that again, we are simply connecting our bad experiences with what the media tells us about the opposite gender. We have become very melodramatic because of this. It takes only a second for us to say "see, see this is why I don't like Black women", or "this is why I don't trust Black Men". Due to having no control we have allowed the media to set us up for disaster in our social lives.

We don't realize that offensive naturally attracts defense and it really doesn't have to be that way.

Now, I want both Black men and women to look at this short movie and ask themselves does it benefit our perceptions at this point and time, where we need to heal? The movie is a pretty good but does not benefit either gender.

The name of the movie is "Suspense", it has a promising plot and the acting is above average to good, but it does no justice for this race as we try to release ourselves from the bondage of resentment and mistrust of each other. It is being marketed as a Black movie but due to the character placements it represents the type of movie we should not support at this point in time.

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ENERGIES of the Movie
  • You have a Black man who is a drunk, drinks all day and has found contentment in this.
  • The Black man plays a character who gives off the ENERGY of creating a mess and running from it by escaping. An ENERGY that seems prevalent today.
  • The non-Black women of the movie are portrayed as softer women then the Black female characters who seem stereotypical
If all the characters were Black it would have toned down the stereotypical ENERGY of the movie. Stereotypes which continue to cloud our minds and separate this race. In fact it would have helped emphasize true reality which points to the fact that there's good and bad within each gender. It seems during these trying times many have to be reminded of this. As I stated before, it's important for people to realize that often times they are taking the few negative experiences they've had and combining it with a media that makes these experiences seem general when dealing with the opposite sex of this race.

I see a trend brewing in this day and age. It seems society is using the resentment we seem to have towards the opposite gender and marketing a media that allows one of the two genders to feel satisfied attacking the opposite gender and downplaying it's significance.

  • Black man with a White woman
  • Black woman with a White man
  • Black woman bashing Black men
  • Black women playing stereotypical roles
  • Black men being respected and admired in a position where he seems to assimilate to and accept White people as being his inner circle.
It's time for this race to be bombarded with ENERGIES in entertainment that focus on the beauty that's created when we are in loving, working relationships. We cannot continue to be lost in the matrix of hate and resentment for one another. We need to constantly see what lovely possibilities await us. If and when we choose to allow these positive ENERGIES into our lives it will help us change our perceptions of each other and breed more loving connections.

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