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Obama Exposes and Embarrasses himself at White House Dinner

I long for the day when people begin to see patterns and modes of operations that people use to get what they want. I'm not ready to go into details about why I don't like Obama and his term as president, but I will point out how this recent incident of him calling out "Young Jeezy" seems phony.

I only expose this to demonstrate how manipulative a person and politicians can be in order to win favor with the people.

Of course I'm not a Young Jeezy fan, like most rappers he has the ENERGY of being a "Double Agent" and do nothing more than confuse the people. One minute a Double Agent will be talking about shooting people and how they were a real Nigga because they cooked coke on the stove and the next minute they are talking about charities to help the youth.

Having a Double Agent ENERGY is useless. A person that has one does not have a defined position and simply shake people's spirit up, sort of speak. It does not release a person from their bondage and people, particularly young people are faced with a lot of obstacles where they need to have clarity and direction in order to get out of them. Not someone who has the ENERGY of saying "Fu*k You, I Love You", "Fu*k You, I Love You".

During the White House's Correspondents Association Dinner Obama said the following
“In my first term I sang Al Green. In my second term I’m going with Young Jeezy," said Obama to the crowd. "Michelle's said, 'Yeah!' I sing that to her sometimes."

He sings that to her sometimes, lol (laugh out Loud), yeah which song Obama?

Nope folks what you are seeing here is a man who has the spirit of doing whatever it takes to win. Someone who will go to his toolbox which is full of people and start using them for his own purpose, even if he could careless about them. Of course Obama was surrounded by people who probably wouldn't be able to name the top rap song out now, let alone a Young Jeezy song, so he can get away with this.

He simply needs Young Jeezy and those like him to gain favor with a certain demographic of Black people so that they can vote for him. He needs them to contribute to the ENERGY that many people voted for him so that he can win. I phrase it in this way, because the people of this country don't truly decide who becomes president, those who are truly in power do. But in order to keep this a secret they still need people to create an ENERGY that points to a particular candidate winning fairly.

Watch this video where Young Jeezy describes being shunned and ignored by Obama, by not being invited to the White House like other entertainers, though he created the song "My President is Black" in order to help him win favor in the hood the first term.

I would have more respect for Obama if he dismissed Young Jeezy all together, but to dismiss him and then pick him back up like a tool to use in order to win, shows his character. Not to mention he's so unaware of Young Jeezy's music he made a fool out of himself by sounding desperate to "awaken" ones like me by called out his name.

Always keep people's manipulating ways in the back of your mind, even if you think one particular thing they have done is harmless manipulation.

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