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Modern Day "Aunt Esther", NeNe Leaks Brings Up the Question, Should There Be Class Separations in this Race?

The femininity was not felt, I saw a clip of this show and Anderson was definitely scared.

After going back and forth with a woman I would consider low standard about NeNe Leaks this week, and coming across a new revelation about NeNe's continued career opportunities, I feel like reneging. I feel like throwing my hands up and realizing what Black people are trying to do the impossible.

We are the only race that see's itself as one. Other races will come together for business or heritage celebrations, but Black people are the only race where we seem all merged together. There are no apparent standard differences, we all expect each other to stand behind each other, have the same political views, social views and objectives.

I really don't believe that mindset is working in this race. In fact not only is it not working you feel rage, resentment and frustration towards those who seem more like a "ball and chain" on your foot than anything beneficial. You feel forced to be in this constant tug of war with more negative Black people who have low standards and no intention of changing or bettering themselves consciously.

Now when I say class separations, I'm not speaking from a monetary stand-point. It's not the same as some rich "Boules" Black people who distinguishing themselves from other Black people, because they feel like part of the elite. What I'm referring to is standards and mindset.

I have always been willing to be friends with those who have a lot and those who have a little. It's all about their mentalities and if they are consciously moral in my book.

Now let's take a look at how people of different mental class levels think and why it's difficult to have harmony in this race due to different mentalities.When these mentalities don't mesh frustration and resentment emerge when they are forced to do so and given one label that represents the lower mentality to wear.

I decided to write this article because, I just found out that NeNe Leaks has been offered a role on the upcoming show "The New Normal", which is about a gay couple who adopts a child from a surrogate mother. She will be playing the girlfriend of the couples lawyer.  The site that I went to had many women congratulating NeNe and making it known they are happy she is making money. I can't help but think these are the women who support "Atlanta Housewives" and the many other mind numbing, stereotypical reality shows.

The Mind of someone who is passive to NeNe's ENERGY on T.V.
She's Black I'm Black, she's a woman, I'm a woman. She comes from a struggle, I'm struggling. Glad to see a Sista making money. The strength of this ENERGY in society is about a 10, it represents the most basic, simplistic way of thinking. It's not visionary or beneficial to this culture.

The Mind of someone who is a fan and Supporter of NeNe
These people feel the same as above, but they also think she is entertaining because she's like that drama filled Sista they know in their surroundings. Or they see nothing wrong with her because they are like her themselves. They can relate to her, and likes how she dresses. They think clothes and dressing nice defines a woman's class level and how valuable she is as a person. They believe if a person has money they are instantly more valuable than those who have less. They believe money builds character and makes a person more relevant. The strength of this ENERGY in society is about a 8 or 9, most people assume that Black women like and accept NeNe because she has become very visible and there isn't a strong opposition to her.

The Mind of someone who's Disgusted by NeNe and Loathes the Fact that she's on T.V.
These people do not watch Atlanta Housewives, or watched it one or two times and decided not to support the show any further. These people realize that NeNe is a walking stereotype that keeps the Black woman's image in bondage. They know that she is loud, crude, masculine and overbearing.

They realize that Black men despise this women and are repulsed by women who support her. These women respect Black men so much, they only want the media to be filled with Black women who have an image that is appealing to Black men and reflects women who would make good partners. These women would not sacrifice their image for entertainment and set standards for their minds that they will not lower.

They understand that elevating a woman like this in the media opens up floodgates for others to follow.  They understand that it also sends a bad message to young girls growing up. Women who do not support NeNe know NeNe's loud "Aunt Esther" ENERGY is amusing to other races and a woman like her would be pushed before another woman with more class like Tracy Ellis Ross or Sanaa Lathan. They realize that in essence she's taking the place of other female actresses within an industry with limited opportunities. The Strength of this ENERGY is about a 2 or 3. Though many of these women are against NeNe's ENERGY they are drowned out by her supporters and don't have a determination to make their ENERGY break through that and shine through. Many people in society would be shock that there are Black women who are against NeNe to the point where we would rather her not be on T.V. at all. Many figure we would at least be glad she's on T.V. even if we don't like her.
In closing I would like to say two things, One, NeNe together with all the other stereotypical Black women cashing checks exploiting themselves on shows that don't benefit the perception of this race, can go to hell. I would never support them I would rather "twittle my thumbs" for entertainment or resort back to childhood and color with crayons and paper for entertainment, before I watched them.

Two, I like the feeling I got writing this article. Instead of addressing this race as if we are all the same, I think I want to take the time to pinpoint the different ways that we think. In doing this, it gives people who have lower standards a moment to feel shame and embarrassment privately and aim for more. It allows for people to reflect on the decisions they make and whether they are part of a problem or solution. And it also allows a person to gauge how simplistically they are thinking within a race that's in a state where careful, strategic direction and conscious thought.is needed for our continued survival.

I will be addressing this ENERGY more and asking positive Black people:
Is it Time to Start A Revolution Against Negative Black People?
After-all we are in Bondage By them

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