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Has Tracy Edmonds Become a Desensitized Mistress?

 Tracy Edmonds doesn't waste time when a man's marriage is on the rocks, even when its in all the headlines.

As most people know Deion Sanders and Pilar Sanders are in the grips of a nasty divorce. Pilar Sanders accused Tracy Edmonds of being Deion Sanders mistress shortly before this picture was taken. In an effort to protect her image Tracy Edmonds had this to say about the accusation:
”I am shocked to learn that Pilar Sanders is trying to drag me and my employees through her pre-nuptial dispute. I cannot understand why she continues to create public issues out of her private life issues and feel very sorry for their children.” She also added” “For the record, Deion Sanders and I first met at the top of this year, after he filed for divorce, when he and his partner reached out to me to produce a project of his.”
Is Tracy Edmonds simply an innocent bystander to the Deion and Pilar Sanders divorce Spectacle or is this her history repeating itself?

First let's gauge the ENERGY of many women who find themselves being a mistress or other woman to a man who is still entangled in another relationship.

There are many women who can't help but fall for a man who is married but obviously unsatisfied. They rationalize being with these men by telling themselves the woman he's in a relationship with is the problem. They comfort themselves with the notion that the man they embraced is like a single man he's just one step away from them and only needs to get a divorce. In an even more bizarre twist, many of these women can't help but become addicted to the feeling of being that potential cure to the man's frustrating situation.

They feel loving a man in a rocky relationship makes them like a savior and that makes the man more appreciative of them. They believe that their actions will bring an intensity to the relationship which will make it more secure and loving.

I can't help but think these are the cycles Tracy Edmonds has gotten herself into after having a failed marriage with Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds, (notice how she kept his last name).

 When Tracy Edmonds and Babyface started dating and eventually married, like most R&B artist there seemed to be an unbreakable connection between them. This ENERGY is intensified when dating a singer because the music and love songs an R&B artist creates when dating a woman and eventually marrying her is equated to that relationship. When they were together they seemed so much in love. And there's no denying that was the case at some point because they shared a 13 year union and 2 sons. Even after being divorce they both claim to have a wonderful relationship with the other.

Tracy Edmonds was the one that filed for divorce and it's not clear what led up to their marriage disintegrating, though allegations of Babyface cheating have been thrown out there. But one thing is for sure, Tracy Edmonds actions since her divorce to Babyface are peculiar. It brings up a question as to whether a woman becomes desensitized to certain morals, after she has given her heart, soul and years to a man only to received a negative outcome she didn't anticipate.

Shortly after, or possibly during her marriage to Babyface, Tracy began to date Eddie Murphy. She dated him despite the fact that he was married to Nicole Murphy who was said to be her best friend. In fact, Eddie Murphy was good friends with Babyface also. Her divorce to Babyface was finalized June 2007 and her engagement to Eddie Murphy was announced one month later July 2007. Eddie's divorce from Nicole Murphy was finalized December 2006, and Tracy Edmonds admitted they began dating around that same time.

I don't think it takes a rocket scientist to realize Tracy Edmonds and Eddie Murphy developed a relationship before their rocky marriages were finalized and fell into each others arms as traumatized victims sometimes do. Whether fortunately or Unfortunately the union between Eddie Murphy and Tracy Edmonds did not last. They had a union ceremony in Boca Boca which was suppose to lead to marriage, but that marriage never materialized. Eddie Murphy called off their official wedding shortly after this and claimed it's best they remained friends.

I can't hate or despise Tracy Edmonds because she pretty much tries to stay out of the public eye directly and seems to carry an aura of class and respect. But as I stated by the title, one can't help but question her integrity and whether she's desensitized to marriage after being a woman who's gone through a divorce to a man she loved so much. Has she taken on the characteristics and ENERGY of women who help come between the chaos of a marriage. Does she subconsciously want to feel a sense of power in being the other woman that wins the man over, instead of the woman who losses like she did in her marriage to Babyface?

For her sake and soul, I hope that her relationship with Deion Sanders is a genuine one that occurred as she claims because like all women she must remember your relationship usually ends how it begins when it starts off in a conniving way.

Regardless I think her actions are distasteful and inappropriate considering the current situation between Deion and Pilar Sanders. She is willing to make public appearances with a man who is in the midst of a divorce that has just been made known to the public,

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