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Brian McKnight Proves You Must Be Exploitative to Get Noticed!

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Embracing Exploitation Creates the Need for artist to be Exploitative, see how we put each other in bondage.And it must be clear, you must be exploitative not just entertaining. Some people get confused, and many can't separate the two.

Like with most things I can't help to absorb the ENERGY anything that comes across my eyes and consciousness. It's just something that is instilled in me as a highly conscious person, it becomes like second nature.

So when an artist like Brian McKnight makes a spectacle of himself and acts out of the ordinary, I have to take the time to see past this. I can't just claim that I'm shock or say that I'm disappointed, I have to dig deeper.

I have to be honest and say that when I heard his demo song "How Your Pu**sy Works", I had to laugh. It was the type of laugh that someone has when drinking something and then spitting it out suddenly, is a laugh that just shot out of me, I couldn't help it. Of course I thought it was vulgar but it still made me laugh considering Brian McKnight's usual ENERGY.

So why does Brian McKnight need to make a spectacle of himself? He revealed a few tweets that speak volumes of sadness about the state of entertainment in society today.

Reading these tweets break my heart, it's so sad that many artist and entertainers are being drowned out by the most exploitative entertainers these days. So there's no mystery why many entertainers are choosing to exploit themselves in order to gain attention.

But here's where the bigger problem comes into play; It's the FAULT OF THE PEOPLE.

Yes, I said it!

At the very least it's like ping-pong and the public is choosing to keep up the game. How can I tell? Well let's look at this incident..

Brian McKnight has always had a fan base that loved his romantic music and unbelievable voice. But as he points out, it's hard for him to get recognition in general and I can only guess he means now-a-days because many of his works have been successful in the past.

So he came up with a solution and now everyone wants to pay attention to him. See, I've said this many times before, whatever ENERGY you allow to dominate will take over the environment. We have gone beyond recognizing people for their talent and only pay attention to those who are the most exploitative.

What does that say about people, and how they can be entertained? It shows the Universe that people like and want chaos and exploitation, so the Universe will allow exploitation to continue to be given to us. Not only that, but while you are being walked into maddening low standards you will begin to view anything outside of it as boring.

You want to support Reality shows and exploitative talk shows, well any show that contains people who seem more reasonable and those who aren't cursing, screaming and fighting will seem less entertaining. You want to support music like this, or music with hooks like Loverance's song "Beat that Pu*sy Up" and make them hits. More people will go in that direction.

And while this is happening, the perception of you and the idea of having to respect you in any way goes out the window. You can keep expanding the floodgates if you want to.

So what started out as a joke to Brian McKnight, became a song that can be purchased and now has a video. Yeah it seems funny, but what is behind laughter? Certain red flags, and boundaries become eliminated.

And though, I could careless about this song or purchasing it, it's still amazing to see yet another Black man do a video where there isn't one Black woman in it. The world is witnessing another Black man who doesn't seem to support Black woman. Is that a joke too? That's another thing that seems innocent but is subliminally programming the minds of Black men and shrinking the idea that Black women are the definition of beauty at least to Black men. The world witnesses this though, men of other races would NEVER do this themselves............ I will be writing an article about that later today.

The more we embrace exploitation the more we will crave it and turn a blind-eye to anything that does not contain the same type of drama exploitation contains. People are becoming attached to it and seeking it out and defining it as entertainment.

It will only get worst, I promise you!

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