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Beyonce Receives Two Honors from the Industry

Would this Beyonce make it on the cover of People magazine?

Of course not, the picture below represents Beyonce's mainstream glory!

Please urge Black men to stop wondering why Black women go Blonde. Less ethic means more mainstream, which means a bigger brand, a wider audience and more acceptance, in many celebrities eyes. The picture below gives Beyonce the confidence to build her brand with a more ambiguous look.

In any case, did you catch the title? I said she received two honors from the industry, not honors that reflect what the people want.

But of course, Beyonce is about to set her career off again and they will bank on and push a potentially money generating artist like her. Right before a celebrity embarks on a new project, despite being in the media in scandalous ways, they will set the path and flood the media with artist who they are trying to push. They will attempt to re-create and do damage control against any negative perceptions have been made of the artist. They posses the people by flooding them with a new perception.

I'm sure most of the people behind Beyonce was hoping for a different reaction to her pregnancy. They were hoping that it would be an event that allowed her to connect with the public and give her the impression of being more human, even though she is one of the most manufactured artist in the spotlight. So manufactured people could not believe that she was pregnant and did not resist the notion that she was faking it and had a surrogate mother.

Talk about awards, I think Beyonce should get an award for that; I don't think there's ever been a woman in the spotlight that I can remember where people refused to believe they were pregnant. Bravo to Beyonce, her fake, manufactured ENERGY through the years lead to that point.

Recently she was named People magazines most beautiful woman for 2012. An honor received to re-train people's minds for her career come-back. Many people don't believe she should have won and neither do I. However, I will admit I'm not too delighted with main-stream woman at this point so I can't think of a woman in the mainstream I think should have had that title instead. If I think hard enough I probably could, but I can't do so right off the top of my head.

However there is another title and award she is about to receive that reflects the fact that once again celebrities are handed awards over the heads of the public.The are not given awards due to the public.

Beyonce will be honored with a journalism award from the New York Association of Black Journalists on May 15. The sexy songstress will be singled out for her July 2011 Essence magazine cover story “Eat, Play, Love,” which chronicled her nine-month hiatus from the biz in 2010.

Over the years we have empowered entertainers to the point they overshadow the legitimacy of those more qualified and talented. Whether it be actors, models, writer, designers of perfume and clothes, there ENERGY has overshadowed many others. So when associations like the New york Association of Black Journalist make these decisions and it upsets people, the Universe turns to the people and say "well you put them on a pedestal, you allowed them to be false idols who dictate all faucets of life", "you allowed their brand to become their identity even though it's a false made up illusion".

Just picking Beyonce brings recognition to an association, I'm sure many of you have never heard of. Don't get confused by the fact that you are NOT surprised it exists. No, be honest and admit you never heard of it.

These two honors unrighteously received by Beyonce showcase the reasons celebrities work at being mainstream. Once you are a mainstream artist and the public allows this, the public has a hard time fighting back and having a "say so". They are forced to wait for the star that they lit up to dim slowly. A celebrity becomes a brand and power trails their name and they can ride off of this fact until a great resistance

We know there were more qualified writers and contributors to Essence magazine through the year, some might have even been 10 years old, lol. But just like Obama letting her sing a song that was true and dear to Etta James at the inauguration, when a name is built up it carries weight and the public is ignored.

Point: Don't give strength and power to a celebrities name without realizing they will HOVER OVER YOU until they fall slowly. It's like a helium balloon that takes days to come down unless you pop it. This is why the talent of celebrities should be respected but they should never be praised or allowed to overshadow anything they take part in.

In other words it's going to take time for the industry to realize people are tired of Beyonce being pushed down their throats. Even when they do feel that ENERGY they believe they can turn things around because the celebrity was once big and captured the public's attention before. They will try before they give up.

On a sentimental, I can't help but have warm feelings towards my Mom knowing that she stayed home with me until I was 4 years old. In contrast Beyonce thinks a year off is a century. I think it's a shame because when my mother did go back to work, she went to work then came home each and every night. Beyonce on the other hand won't be able to spend the quality time with her daughter as she should due to her career. Having enough money to make her daughter more of a focus is not enough for her spirit...............it's sad, but the story of many celebrity kids.

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