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Are Black Women Supporting Their Own Media BlackOut?

Attention: This article is not meant to be racially bias. Most of our problems and mentalities is beyond the capacity for other races to understand. Each gender needs to awaken spiritually and respect each other before they could truly be in asset in another races life.
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I know my site can be heavy at times because it's not just full of mindless gossip. But since the Universe speaks through me, my goal is to be that voice in the back of your head. You would be surprised how powerful it is to acquire wisdom and then observe what others are falling into or the propaganda other people are taking it. It enables you to block these ENERGIES and not support them unlike others, who give into them by becoming programmed to allow propaganda to confuse them..

In fact, I will be creating a site this weekend that trails the ENERGY of MTO posts. I will not write long essays on this site, I will just reveal the propaganda and potential programming the articles on the site send out.

But I want to ask Black women, "Do you feel the ENERGY of Black women being Blacked Out of the Media" This seems like it's becoming prevalent particularly in music media. Black women are resigned to being the strippers and whores, but not the chosen lead female many times. It also seems to be branching over to other forms of media at a slower but steady pace.

So again, are Black women slowly being Blacked Out?
From my ENERGY assessment, the answer is yes, once again I want you to keep my voice in the back of your head as you observe media trends.

I'm starting to see video after video, of bi-racial to white women being the focus and Black women are absent, in the background or only allowed to play the whores and gold-diggers.

I mentioned in my Brian McKnight article that though his song "Ready to Learn", "Show you how your pu*sy works" is a repulsive and distasteful song, it still struck me as odd that non of the women in the video were Black. They all appeared to white or white Hispanics. They didn't EVEN look like your home-girl Maria you grew up with, who's Puerto Rican.

Many frustrated, hateful Black men are even beginning to use the fact that Black women are being "Blacked Out" in the media, particularly music media as a weapon. They use that fact to say "See, Black men don't want ya'll anymore".

Listen to a Frustrated Brother gloat about this: (Podcast Will Load)

What Happens When You Support Your Black Out

  • You Empower Black men who date interracial out of frustration and resentment
  • You help downplay the beauty and significance of Black women
  • Black men will find it hard to see the beauty in Black women because their ignored and another type of beauty is focused on.
  • Many Black men will empower women of other races to feel openly superior to Black women, that leaves black women out in the open alone because men of other races don't turn from the women of their race despite how many might date interracially.
Black Women You Cannot Support Men Who Do Not Support You

Why do you think I say this with such confidence?

I say this with confidence because no other group of women would allow this. Up until now most White women have kept their mouths closed, but due to being empowered by many Black men to tear down Black women, they have joined with weak Black men in an effort to make Black women look unreasonable and insecure, when they complain about being dismissed by the men of their race who they support.

White would would NOT tolerate looking into the media and seeing white male after white male with Black women, or women of other races. They would not support this. But as I said they can hide this fact because they are being allowed to hide it by Black men. They can also hide this fact because they aren't faced with the same situation. They don't feel dismissed.

Everyone turns to Black women and says, "just deal with it, don't be insecure".

So Guess What?

I will REPEAT what I said, White women would not tolerate or support a media where they're Blacked Out by their men, or other women are shown as being the most beautiful and top quality over them. They would not support a media where many men of their race seem to dismiss them.

Let's go a little deeper..........

Not only would they not tolerate it, they would DIE inside, they would feel inferior to those women the men of their race seem to focus on. It's the same feeling weak Black women have, who wear their feelings on their shoulders instead of just reacting out of respect for herself.  Black men miss this fact when it comes to white women's continuous position as being considered the most desirable.

This is something that many Black men fail to realize. They fail to realize this because they don't want to realize it. They're simply looking for weapons to bash Black women over the head with due to frustration and resentment of their experiences with negative Black women.

It's sad to say but deep down inside Black people feel inferior to other races, this is why when faced with obstacles and a storm within the race, we start looking outside of ourselves.

How many White people do you hear saying " I had 2, 3 or even 4 failed relationships with another white person, now it's time to go get a Black person"? They do not think in this way because they do not feel that crossing over to Black is a step-up. They don't feel White people are superior to them.

However we feel that crossing over to White or non-Black is a step-up. We refuse to take ourselves out of the "pit of despair" by creating a culture that only showcases Black people we can be proud of or inspire to be like. No, instead we create a culture that mirrors the chaos in many Black neighborhoods, the negative mentalities and dysfunction.

It's time for positive Black women to STAND UP and drown out the ENERGY of negative Black women. We cannot allow them to have dominance both in our communities and in our culture too. The media has a goal to dilute this race and create racially ambiguous people as being the majority.

This may be above many of your heads, I know this and understand this due to the research that I do, but if we want to any chance of saving this race, we have to turn from the darkness and support ourselves. Never look at things simply from the point of view of yourself. There is a whole generation of impressionable minds growing up at all times and they will become programmed by the ENERGIES that are most prevalent.

Again the Theme that is being created is "Black Women Are Over"

Never for sex though, that's why you have to be cautionary and keep your legs closed, because a man will crap on you if you allow him to.

I will talk more about this but I want to end this by saying, in reality most Black men are with Black women, and most Black women are with Black men, that is the reality of the situation now. However how stable is this reality?

I can even go deeper and say the average Black man or street dude will always gravitate towards Black women, or date white women who are not accepted by their race, but better quality men are beign programmed that Black women aren't good enough.

I also have something else to say, Listen to my Podcast Positive Black people: (Podcast Will Load)

Be Spiritually Strong!

Attention For Those who do The Research I do

The following are some links that go deeper into the reasons why both Black men and women are being separated. It's easy to separate this race, just like the tribes of Africa where separate and feuding prior to the slave trade. The fact that they where feuding was used as a weapon to attack and destroy each tribe. 

Check out these links:

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